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  • Migration

    Migration and reasons why people move from one place to another: Das bilinguale Modul vergleicht Migrationsgründe im 4./5. Jh. als Auslöser der Völkerwanderung und Gründe für Migration in der Gegenwart. Zielgruppe: Klasse 6 (Landesmedienzentrum Baden Württemberg 2012)

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  • Border Challenges: Responding to the Global Migration Crisis

    This lesson helps students explore the global migration crisis, first through maps and photographs, then with a class reading, discussion and research assignment (New York Times Learning Network 2015).

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  • Clandestino

    Datenbank zu irregulärer Migration, entwickelt im Auftrag der Europäischen Kommission ab 2007 (2014)

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  • Life in the Time of Cholera

    In this New York Times lesson, students learn about the way the 1832 cholera epidemic in New York affected urban life and reflected issues such as immigration and social class in the growing city. They then take part in a collaborative writing exercise in which they have a ”conversation on paper” about various documents related to urban life during the Industrial ...

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  • Don’t Tell Anyone

    This multi-task lesson asks students to look at the U.S. DREAM Act in the context of immigration reform and also to reflect on blogging as civic engagement (USA: PBS 2016).

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  • Germans From Russia

    The Collection documents early migration to Colorado settlements (2008-10)

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  • Tragedy in the Mediterranean

    In this New York Times lesson students consider both the human cost and the policy challenges of Europe’s immigration debate (2015).

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  • Guide to International Migration

    Peter Stalker’s interactive map and background information (2008)

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  • Global International Migration Flows

    Interactive graphic from the Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital (Vienna University of Economics and Business 2015)

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  • Free Speech Debate

    Global, multilingual website based at the University of Oxford, UK, for the discussion of freedom of expression in the age of the Internet and mass migration (2012)

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