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  • A PLAN FOR RECOVERY: Understanding the Basics of the Current Stimulus Plan

    In this NYT lesson, students examine the ”who, what, where, when, why and how” of the proposed stimulus plan for the U.S. economy; they then write their own proposal outlining how stimulus funds might benefit their community (2009).

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  • A TALE OF TWO ECONOMIES: Comparing the 1929 Stock Market Crash to Today’s Wall Street Crisis

    In this NYT lesson, students use resources from The New York Times to compare the circumstances under which the Great Depression came about to the circumstances of the economic crisis in 2008.

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  • BUBBLE TROUBLE: Analyzing Causes of the Economic Crisis.

    In this NY Times lesson, students use several different resources from The New York Times to discuss, analyze, and present on the causes and effects of the 2008 economic crisis.

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  • Legislative Process: Charting the Ideal and Real

    New York Times Lesson Plan comparing the basic legislative process with the real process, complete with the political machinations at work when a bill works its way through Congress (2010)

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  • Reach Across Your Aisle. Creating a Class Op-Ed Blog

    In this NY Times lesson students will research different political perspectives on a controversial political issue and then write their own opinion piece to be published on a class blog (2009).

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  • There’s Something Funny About These Candidates

    In this NY Times lesson, students learn about the power of caricature to reinforce and/or create media images of politicians and public figures by analyzing political cartoons and spoofs from the past and present (2008-15).

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  • Constructing Arguments: ‘Room for Debate’

    Ways to use a New York Times Opinion blog to help students to build logical arguments based on substantive claims (2012)

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  • The Makings of a Persuasive Speech

    Students will learn what it takes to put together a good persuasive speech. The unit helps to strengthen writing skills but also to enhance verbal skills by learning the art of rhetoric (Yale National Initiative 2011).

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  • epals Classroom Exchange

    ePALS Classroom Exchange® maintains the Internet's largest community of collaborative classrooms engaged in cross-cultural exchanges, project sharing and language learning. ePALS is also the leading provider of school-safe emailTM, blogs, eMentoring and web-browsing technology for the global educational market.

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  • El cine español e hispano-americano en la clase de E/LE

    Prof. Dr. Andreas Grünewald, Universität Hamburg hat zusammen mit Studierenden wieder neue Materialien zu spanischsprachigen Spielfilmen erstellt, die als PDF Dokumente für alle zugänglich sind: Es liegen mittlerweile Materialien zu folgenden Filmen vor:  Señorita Extraviada, Mexiko 2001, Lourdes Portillo; Al otro lado, Mexiko 2004, Gustavo Loza; Perfume de violetas, ...

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