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  • State’s Secrets: Teaching About WikiLeaks

    Hilfreiche Unterrichtsvorschläge, die gut als aktuelle Fallstudie zum Thema ”Internationale Politik” und ”Politik und Medien” passen (Learning Network der The New York Times 2010).

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  • Trading Off: Examining Effects of NAFTA

    Students explore how the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has impacted the people and economies of North America and Mexico (The New York Times Learning Network 2002).

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  • Teaching About Climate Change With The New York Times

    Seven starting points for teaching and learning about the topic, along with a list of links to much more, from Learning Network lesson plans to Times video, graphics, articles and photographs (2014).

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  • Ways to Talk to Students About Sensitive Issues in the News

    Teachers often avoid “hot-button” topics because the issues are so complex, or because they don’t feel prepared to handle the strong feelings and opinions discussion might stir, the project offers 10 suggestions for how to take some of these issues on in constructive, thoughtful and sensitive ways (New York Times Learning Network ...

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  • Tracking Topics in the News

    Die Unterrichtsvorschläge aus dem Learning Network der New York Times enthalten Anregungen zur Verfolgung ausgewählter politischer Themen durch selbständige Arbeit mit Zeitungen (2011-15).

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  • News Media: The CBS Evening Blog

    Students consider ways the public interacts with the news media, and participate in a blog simulation using current news stories (NYT Lesson Plan 7-05)

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  • Tragedy in the Mediterranean

    In this New York Times lesson students consider both the human cost and the policy challenges of Europe’s immigration debate (2015).

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  • Western Union: Debating Benefits and Challenges of EU Membership

    In this New York Times Lesson students research the European Union and the criterion and ramifications of membership and hold a conference to debate the admittance of other potential EU countries (2010).

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  • Constructing Arguments: ‘Room for Debate’

    Ways to use a New York Times Opinion blog to help students to build logical arguments based on substantive claims (2012)

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  • The Makings of a Persuasive Speech

    Students will learn what it takes to put together a good persuasive speech. The unit helps to strengthen writing skills but also to enhance verbal skills by learning the art of rhetoric (Yale National Initiative 2011).

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