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  • News Media: The CBS Evening Blog

    Students consider ways the public interacts with the news media, and participate in a blog simulation using current news stories (NYT Lesson Plan 7-05)

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  • Legislative Process: Charting the Ideal and Real

    New York Times Lesson Plan comparing the basic legislative process with the real process, complete with the political machinations at work when a bill works its way through Congress (2010)

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  • Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg

    Did Mr. Snowden the right thing? In this ”Text to Text” lesson plan, the New York Times’ Learning Network pairs two articles that capture parallel moments in history to help  answer this question: Daniel Ellsberg’s surrender to the police in 1971 after leaking the Pentagon Papers, and Edward Snowden’s public admission in June that he leaked classified documents ...

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  • Reach Across Your Aisle. Creating a Class Op-Ed Blog

    In this NY Times lesson students will research different political perspectives on a controversial political issue and then write their own opinion piece to be published on a class blog (2009).

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  • The Life of the (Tea) Party

    In this NY Times lesson, students explore the Tea Party movement, compare it to other social movements from U. S. history and consider their impact (2010-15).

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  • Equality Under the Law?

    This New York Times lesson asks students to study the 14th Amendment to discern what it means and how it has been interpreted. Then some articles are suggested that examine how the criminal justice system treats black people in comparison to white people (2016).

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