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  • Italian Renaissance Learning Resources

    Eight units that elucidate the textures, themes, and context of Italian Renaissance artists (National Gallery of Art, Washington 2016)

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  • Open Learning Initiative: Anatomy & Physiology

    This site from Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Learning Initiative opens up new ways of looking at anatomy and physiology for lay people. This particular course focuses on several themes including the structure and function of the body, the levels of organization within the body, and homeostasis. There are fifteen units within this course and visitors can create a free ...

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  • Learning about Rain Forests around the World

    In this lesson, students learn about rain forests around the world, using the Barro Colorado biological reserve in the Panama Canal as a starting point. They then take part in a mock international summit, in which they present information on the challenges facing these rain forests and the initiatives in place to preserve and protect them. (New York Times Lesson Plan ...

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