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  • Bullying UK

    Bullying UK is used as a teaching resource in schools and youth organisations and the schools’ section has lots of information for head teachers, teachers, school ancillary workers and youth organisations.  

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  • The Effects of Globalization

    Lesson plan on  the World Trade Organization (PBS 2002-2011)

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  • Center for Global Development

    Ausgezeichnete Informationsquelle für aktuelle Fragen der Entwicklungspolitik (USA 2009)

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  • Hot Politics

    FRONTLINE correspondent Deborah Amos investigates the political decisions that have prevented the United States government from confronting one of the most serious problems facing humanity today (PBS, USA 2007-10). Lesson:

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  • Climate Change and the Pacific Islands

    Students examine the impacts of climate change in the Pacific Islands and the ways local communities are responding to the challenges (PBS/USA 2014).

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  • U.S. Embassy: InfoAlert

    Sammlung aktueller Zeitungsartikel zu allen Themenbereichen des Faches Politik und Wirtschaft in der Oberstufe (2008-14)

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  • Collins: Secondary school resources

    Titel des englischen Schulbuchverlags zu allen bilingualen Fächern (2013)

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  • Planet Money: The Economics Of T-Shirts

    The Planet Money team is making a T-shirt and following the shirt around the world as it gets manufactured — from the farms where the cotton is grown to the factories where the shirts are sewn together (NPR, USA 2014).

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  • Intelligence Squared U.S.

    America’s leading debate series recorded live in New York City. Since 2006 more than 85 debates on topics from clean energy and the financial crisis, to the Middle East and the death of mainstream media. Video or Podcast (iTunes) 2014.

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  • Corporate Irresponsibility?

    In this New York Times lesson, students will first imagine they are executives at major American clothing retailers who are researching and negotiating what policy changes, if any, their company should take in light of the recent disasters in Bangladeshi garment factories. Then, students will write their own persuasive letters to their favorite clothing brand advocating a ...

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