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Education Systems International

Country / region: Korea, Democratic People's Republic

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Korea, Democratic People's Republic
The website provides information about the history of the Kim-Il-Sung University in Pyongyang.

Korea, Democratic People's Republic
The site provides extensive information about North Korea, based on studies of the Library of Congress dating from the 1990s. The description of the education system contains the followings chapters: the theme and method of education, primary and secondary schools, social education, higher education and education for adults.

Korea, Democratic People's Republic
The Pyongyang University has been jointly developed by the South and North Korean government since 2001. The focus of the university is on technology.

Korea, Democratic People's Republic
"At a glance: Democratic Republic of Korea" provides a summary of social issues in this country, including health and education. According to the mission of the United Nations Children's Fund ( UNICEF) - as the leading advocate for children's rights - an analysis of the current situation of young children is given. Statistical data refer among others to primary school [...]

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