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Country / region: Faroe Islands

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Denmark; Sweden; Finland; Norway; Iceland; Greenland; Faroe Islands; Northern Europe
Nordic inter-governmental co-operation on research and education is headed up by the education and research ministers, who make up the MR-U. The role of the Nordic Council of Ministers for Education and Research is to help ensure that the Nordic Region retains a leading position as a knowledge and skills region. Nordic co-operation involves Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway [...]

Europe; international; Albania; Andorra; Austria; Belarus; Belgium; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Croatia; Bulgaria; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Faroe Islands; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Greenland; Hungary; Iceland; Ireland; Italy; Latvia; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxemburg; Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic; Moldova; Monaco; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Romania; San Marino; Slovak Republic; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Russian Federation; Ukraine; United Kingdom; Vatican City; Turkey; Malta
This web site is a resource of the Center for Global Education. The site provides web links to colleges and universities in Europe. Along with links to the home language home pages, the site also provides direct links to an English Language Home Page and the Website of the International Relations Office. Through connection to resources like the International Association of [...]

Faroe Islands; Denmark
KT-depilin is a department of the Faroese Ministry of Education. We provide independent IT-services in the educational system - primarily to the primary and secondary school. KT-depilin aims to become the prime portal for the educational world in the Faroe Islands (currently only introduction in English).

Denmark; Finland; Faroe Islands; Greenland; Iceland; Norway; Sweden; Northern Europe
Valhalla is the Nordic Council of Ministers´ portal for children and youth culture in all the Nordic countries. Valhalla´s objectives are: to give information about children and youth culture in the Nordic countries, to give information about national activities with a common Nordic relevance, to share ideas and experience with all those working with children, youth and [...]

Northern Europe; Norway; Sweden; Denmark; Iceland; Finland; Faroe Islands; Greenland
Information on the section ´children and young adults´ from the Nordic Council. The objective of the work with children and young people in the Nordic region is to create good living conditions and improve their opportunity for influence. The efforts are based on shared fundamental values such as justice, equality, democracy, openness and commitment.

Norway; Iceland; Denmark; Sweden; Finland; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Faroe Islands; Northern Europe
NOSP contains references to serials available in Nordic and Baltic libraries. Article copies may be requested from the holding libraries via the online ordering service. NOSP covers all subject areas. The main emphasis is, however, on natural science, medicine and social science. NOSP has been existing since 1977 and is based on a co-operation between national union [...]

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