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Albania; Andorra; Armenia; Austria; Azerbaijan; Belgium; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Georgia; Germany; Greece; Vatican City; Hungary; Iceland; Ireland; Italy; Kazakhstan; Latvia; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxemburg; Malta; Moldova; Montenegro; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Russian Federation; Serbia; Slovak Republic; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic; Turkey; Ukraine; United Kingdom; England; Northern Ireland; Scotland; Wales
This website is run by the "European Higher Education Area" and provides national reports on the status of the Bologna Process since 2003 from about 50 European countries. You can find the latest report at the top of the page of each member country. Older reports can be found at the bottom of the page in the menu bar on the right (under "related documents").[Abstract: Editors [...]

United Kingdom; England
The website by the British government informs students with disabilities or special needs about their eligibility and funding that is available on top of grants/loans for students, to cover expenses owing to their individual special needs.

United Kingdom; England; Northern Ireland; Wales; England
Overview and details regarding the disability allowance for students in higher education with a disability or long-term health condition. Eligibility is subject to a needs assessment and grants are non-refundable.

United Kingdom; England; Scotland; international
The Virtual Issue, published online as volume 35 of th eBritish Journal of Special Education, hosts four articles on the topic of "special needs education" and "learning support". P First published in 2008, the articles focus on the topic of "inclusive" versus mainstream education and highlight some challenges to the debate.

United Kingdom; England
This website by the British government provides access to documents concerning special educational needs of children and young people with disabilities, e.g. statutes and guidelines, government policy, consultations. The thematic scope covers SEND, inclusive schooling, children with learning difficulties, etc.

England; Europe; United Kingdom
DANTE (Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe) was established in 1993 in Cambridge, UK. It is a limited liability company and a “Not for Profit” organisation. DANTE\'s purpose is to plan, build and operate pan-European research networks. It was set up, and is owned, by a group of National Research and Education Networks (NRENs).

England; Ireland; United Kingdom
The web page of the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship (SWSF) provides a directory of member schools in the United Kingdom and Ireland with contact details and links to their web sites.

United Kingdom; England
Beginning with the academic year of 2005,the British government has launched an ambitious programme to rebuild, modernise and equip secondary schools in England so that they may be able to meet educational reform requirements. One key issue concerns information and communications technology and services. The website TeacherNet provides details and contacts.

United Kingdom; England; Wales
In 2016, the ‘National Institute of Adult Continuing Education’ (NIACE) and the ‘Centre for Economic & Social Inclusion’ (CESI) formed the new \'Learning and Work Institute\'. This policy and research organisation is dedicated to lifelong learning, full employment and inclusion. Thematical areas include \'Life and Society\', \'Work and Careers\', \'Improving the [...]

United Kingdom; England; Wales; Northern Ireland
The National Database of Accredited Qualifications (NDAQ) contains details of qualifications that are accredited by the regulators of external qualifications in England (Ofqual), Wales (DCELLS) and Northern Ireland (CCEA). Users can search for details on current and expired accredited qualifications.

United Kingdom; England; Wales
EduBase is a register of all educational establishments in England and Wales, maintained by the Department for Education. It allows both the general public and government officials to access up to date information.

international; Australia; Canada; England; France; Germany; Hungary; Ireland; Italy; Japan; Republic of Korea; Netherlands; New Zealand; Northern Ireland; Scotland; Singapore; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; South Africa, Republic; United States; Wales; United Kingdom
INCA (1996-2013) provided descriptions of government policy on education in Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the USA and Wales. It focuses on curriculum, assessment and initial teacher training frameworks for pre-school, primary, [...]

United Kingdom; England; Wales
State Boarding Schools Association (SBSA) is the national association for state boarding schools within the UK (England & Wales), formerly known as Stabis. UK and other European Union nationals and others with the right of residence in the UK pay only for the cost of boarding, while the education is free. The website offers a school database and parents guide.

United Kingdom; England; Wales
The Association of Colleges was created in 1996 as the single voice to promote the interests of further education colleges in England and Wales. The Association provides a broad range of services to its subscribers. It represents their interests locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

United Kingdom; England
The NGA was formed in January 2006 via the merger of two predecessor organisations: the National Governors´ Council (NGC) and the National Association of School Governors (NASG). The National Governors´ Association represents school governors in England and offers advice and support on matters of school management.

England; United Kingdom
The website offers a range of education and skills statistics for all local areas in England.

Belgium; Bulgaria; Denmark; Germany; England; Estonia; Finland; France; Greece; Ireland; Iceland; Italy; Latvia; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxemburg; Malta; Netherlands; Northern Ireland; Norway; Austria; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Scotland; Sweden; Slovak Republic; Slovenia; Spain; Czech Republic; Turkey; Hungary; United Kingdom; Wales; Cyprus; Europe
The information network on education in Europe, Eurydice has since 1980 been one of the strategic mechanisms established by the European Commission and Member States to boost cooperation, by improving understanding of systems and policies. Eurydice is an institutional network for gathering, monitoring, processing and circulating reliable and readily comparable information on [...]

United Kingdom; England
These resources were developed over the period 2001 to 2010, to support the national Skills for Life Strategy and other Skills for Life developments. The documents and other resources were held on the Readwriteplus website which has now been closed. The Skills for Life initiative aims to improve the literacy, language and numeracy skills of adults.

United Kingdom; England; Wales
CES is promoting and supporting Catholic education in England and Wales. It represents the interests of Catholic schools and colleges of further and higher education and cooperates with church institutions.

England; Northern Ireland; United Kingdom
"England\'s primary school pupils are the third most able readers in the world behind Sweden and the Netherlands. This study, which examined the reading habits and achievements of 10 year olds in 35 countries, showed that England was one of the highest-performing countries in the world, and the most successful English-speaking country." Via the summary of findings the online [...]

Europe; Austria; Belgium; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Ireland; Italy; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxemburg; Malta; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; United Kingdom; England; Scotland; Wales
The European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education provides national overviews of special needs education in numerous European countries. The information includes the following topics: legal system, financing, identification of special educational needs, special needs education within the education system, teacher training, - basic and specialist teacher training, [...]

England; Wales; United Kingdom
This brief presentation of the education system in England and Wales was taken from the "Wörterbuch der Pädagogik" (Dictionary of Pedagogy/ Edition 2000) by kind permission of the publishers Taschenbuch Verlag. After providing general information on the country an overview on the education system is given referring to the following areas: educational administration, [...]

United Kingdom; England; Wales; Northern Ireland
"Ufi is taking forward the Government's vision of a 'University for Industry', by stimulating and meeting demand for lifelong learning among businesses and individuals. Working as a public-private partnership in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Ufi aims to put individuals in a better position to get jobs, improve their career prospects and boost business competitiveness. [...]

England; United Kingdom
"The Council will aim to: Raise the status and public standing of teachers by representing their professional interests; influence education policy by advising the Secretary of State on professional matters; guarantee high professional standards through the Register of Teachers and Code of Practice".

United Kingdom; England
"NACE is the Association that helps teachers help able and talented children through provision of In-Service training, conferences and consultancy to teachers, schools and LEAs; offering a wide range of publications for sale; advising educational agencies, e.g. DfEE, SCAA and Ofsted, on provision for able children". The website informs about the research centre and gives [...]

United Kingdom; England
"The Council's main function is to distribute funds provided by the Secretary of State for Education and Employment. The Council funds education and research at 136 universities and higher education colleges in England. It also funds courses at 74 further education colleges, who receive their main funding from the Further Education Funding Council". There are full texts on the [...]

Belgium; Bulgaria; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Switzerland; Greece; Hungary; Ireland; Iceland; Italy; Latvia; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxemburg; Malta; Netherlands; Norway; Croatia; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Slovak Republic; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Turkey; United Kingdom; Scotland; Northern Ireland; Wales; England; Europe; Austria
Eurydice (formerly Eurypedia and Eurybase) is "a network of 42 national units based in all 38 countries of the Erasmus+ programme. [Its] task is to explain how education systems are organised in Europe and how they work. Eurydice publishes descriptions of national education systems, comparative reports devoted to specific topics, indicators and statistics, as well as news [...]

United Kingdom; Wales; Scotland; Northern Ireland; England
The website gives a detailed overview of study opportunities in the UK for foreign students, including English language courses, choice of courses

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