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Country / region: Arab States

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Arab States; Europe; Germany
The dictionary provides children and youths with explanations about political terms, institutions, and mechanisms in Arabic. It aims at giving children an insight into "democratic life in our society". The dictionary is also accessible in German and English (with more entries than in the Arabic version). It was compiled by the German Federal Agency for Civic [...]

international; Africa; Asia; Europe; Latin America; Arab States; Pacific Rim; North America; Caribbean
[This is a copy of the original website as of 16.05.2015. The original website is offline.] This website of the International Bureau of Education (IBE) of the Unesco provides regional (continental) and country specific reports on the status of inclusive education. On the right hand side, you will find further links to websites, publications, events, multimedia and more). [...]

Arab States; international; United States
This OER platform is run by US-American research institute ISKME. It provides Open Educational Resources for different subjects and levels. These OERs are provided by different educational institutions. The website also offers an online training for teachers on how to use OERs effectively, special OERs in Arabic as well as suport in creating your own OER website. [Source: [...]

Arab States; United Arab Emirates
Teacher Bytes is an email newsletter and website created to assist English language instructors adapt to the technology of the Internet. It aims to be of particular use to teachers working in the U.A.E. Written in non-technical language, Teacher Bytes aims to inform instructors of developments in the Internet and provide them with useful ideas for using the web in the [...]

Arab States
The Arab Education Forum is a non-governmental, non-profit organization active in the Arab World in the field of community and youth work. The mission of AEF is to contribute to an Arab cultural regeneration project that springs out of the inherent knowledge and experiences within the Arab societies. AEF constantly attempts to develop a shared vision related to learning in the [...]

Europe; Mediterranean Countries; Arab States
The European Institute for Research on Mediterranean and Euro-Arab Cooperation was established with the support of the European Commission. The main objectives are to: - foster inter-cultural dialogue, - promote mutual understanding and reciprocal tolerance, - establish links and networks for the benefit of players in the political, economic, academic and cultural [...]

Egypt; Bahrain; Jordan; Kuwait; Yemen; Oman; Sudan; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom; Cyprus; Arab States
The BSME is one of the largest associations of British Curriculum schools, which associates more than 50 schools in the Middle East teaching by a British curriculum. It offers annual conferences on current Britsh education policy and school management affairs. The homepages provides a list of member schools and the opportunity to exchange information in the forum.

Arab States
This is a collection of internet links to educational institutions, organisations and associations as well as to research institutes in Arab countries or where Arab is the language of communication. All educational levels and subject matters are included.

international; Middle East; Arab States
This link list contains various educational institutions of each country which sometimes have a short description added. The countries are listed in alphabetical order. At the beginning supranational resp. regional institutions of the entire Middle East region are listed.

Arab States
AARU\'s objectives are mainly to enhance cooperation amongst Arab universities and to coordinate their efforts with a view to raising the quality of university and higher education. It also aims at encouraging scientific research. The 146 member universities are represented by their governors in the Association Council. The homepage provides links to the member universities, [...]

international; Arab States; Islamic Countries
The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - ISESCO - was set up upon the adoption of its Statute by the Eleventh Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers, meeting in Islamabad, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, in May 1980. This decision crowned the efforts made by the Organization of the Islamic Conference to establish an international organization specialized [...]

Arab States
This URL provides the full text of the regional framework for action adopted by the Regional Conference on Education for All adopted by the Regional Conference on Education for All for the Arab States Cairo, Egypt, 24-27 January 2000. The leading principles, areas of action and targets are presented.

Arab States; Africa; Asia
ALECSO is a specialized Arab organization, established by the League of Arab States. Its primary responsibility is the promotion and co-ordination of educational, cultural and scientific activities at the regional and national levels in the Arab world. It helps to evolve and implement new approaches and strategies of educational, cultural and scientific development that are [...]

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