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Tolerance – Lessons of the Holocaust - Program Link

Kyrgyzstan; Russian Federation; Ukraine

The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress was created in 2002, by the initiative of the leaders of the Kazakhstan Jewish Congress, the Federation of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Russia (Vaad Russia), and the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine (Vaad Ukraine). The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress aims to defend the rights and legitimate interests of the Jewish people, to aid in satisfying community interests and demands, and also to represent Jewish communities of countries in the Euro-Asian region in the governments of their respective countries and international organizations. On this site the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress presents its programm "Tolerance - Lessons of the Holocaust". The wider aim of the projects is to give school pupils information on the sources, development, and consequences of historic genocides, in particular of the Holocaust and such to aid in forming the foundations of national and religious tolerance, of responsibility and solace. Its main activity is to provide seminars for teachers that will enable them to integrate the respective topics into their lessons.

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Title (English): Tolerance- lessons of the Holocaust programme
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Keywords from index: teacher education; in-service teacher education; anti-fascist education; pupil; teaching method;
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Release date: 15.09.2010
Update: 15.01.2018
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