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European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) Externer Link


The European Centre for Modern Languages was set up in Graz (Austria) under an enlarged Partial Agreement, initially for three years (1994-1997). This period has been extended until December 2002. At present 34 states are members of the ECML. Within the framework of cultural co-operation and respecting the rich linguistic and cultural diversity in Europe, the Centre has as its mission: the implementation of language policies; the promotion of innovative approaches to the learning and teaching of modern anguages.- On the website beside the institutional self-presentation the user can find national reports on the situation of teaching and learning modern languages and sound samples of languages spoken.

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Keywords from index: foreign languages; European dimension; language teaching; innovation; teaching methods; overview; regional centre; European association; interactive communication;
Language: English; French
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Release date: 25.10.2000
Update: 22.07.2013
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