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European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education

http://www.european-agency.orgExterner Link


The main objective of the agency is to work towards the creation of a coherent and permanent framework for extended European co- operation in the field of special needs education. Its main tasks are to collect, process and distribute information about new and innovative measures in the field of special needs education as well as to initiate research and distribute research results within this area. The Agency website provides comparative information about special needs education in the participating countries, as well as in-depth country specific information and contact details.
List of current projects, each project having fulltext publications and other information material:
- Accessible Information Provision for Lifelong Learning
- Assessment in inclusive settings
- Early Childhood Intervention Update
- ICT for Inclusion
- ICT for Information Accessibility in Learning
- Indicators for inclusive education
- Key Principles for Promoting Quality in Inclusive Education
- Mapping the Implementation of Policy for Inclusive Education
- Multicultural Diversity and Special Needs Education
- Organisation of Provision to Support Inclusive Education
- Raising Achievement for All Learners – Quality in Inclusive Education (RA4AL)
- Teacher Education for Inclusion
- The Inclusive Education in Action (IEA) Project
- Vocational Education and Training: Policy and practice in the field of special needs education (VET)
- Young Views on Inclusive Education - European Hearing 2011, Brussels
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