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Together with the French Onisep, the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG) provides a multilingual glossary with the most important terms in educational and vocational guidance in English, German, French, and Spanish. There are four documents that only differ in their "lead language", that is the language according to which they are sorted [...]

The European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN) existed from 2007 till 2015. It was meant to support the EU member states and the European Commission in cooperating in lifelong guidance policy in education and the employment sector. In meetings, webinars and others, comprehensive material was elaborated to inform policy and decision makers. The website provides a [...]

Asia; Pacific Rim; Australia; New Zealand; Canada; United States; China; India; Indonesia; Japan; Cambodia; Guam; Kazakhstan; Republic of Korea; Malaysia; Pakistan; Philippines; Singapore; Vietnam
The Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA) provides a forum for professionals working in career guidance and counselling in our about Asia and the Pacific - from early to adult education. Its website provides information about APCDA, about regional country members, about the annual APCDA conference, webinars, and publications (a newsletter and the Asia Pacific [...]

The Uruguayan Children and Adolescents Institute (INAU) is the rector of policies which are destined to promote, protect and restore the rights of children and the youth. Furthermore, it fosters social integration of the youth of the INAU in cooperation with housing, work, education and health policies. Also, INAU promotes the cultural transformation through communicative [...]

The National Youth Office (SENAJU) is an organism of the Peruvian state under the direction of the ministry of education. It is the central institution for youth affairs in Peru. SENAJU is entrusted with the promotion, the coordination and the evaluation of policies, projects and programs which deal with youth affairs in the public or private sector. The aim of the office is [...]

The project "Punto J" is under the directorate of the institute for education and health. It tries, with online information, an online radio channel and specific activities, to explain sexuality as well as the causes and consequences of AIDS to youth. In this connection, the cooperation of the youth is of central importance. On the homepage, general information about HIV/AIDS [...]

The Ministry of Youth was established on March 7th 2008 with a mandate to ensure that youth are mobilized and committed to implement the Rwanda government programs that will enhance the government to attain sustainable economic growth and development. The ministry of youth is mandated with mobilization, capacity building and advocating for youth initiatives that lead to [...]

The Austrian National Youth Council (BJV) is the legally embedded representation of interests of Austrian children and adolescents and is supported by currently (November 2013) 52 children and youth organizations. It agitates for the concerns of young people. The BJV bundles the political, social, economical and cultural interest of young people and gives them a hearing of [...]

The institute, founded in 1965 as non-profit society, sees itself as service and communication centre for the field of child and youth literature. Its tasks are, besides the counselling activity, the further and continuing education of referral organisations, creation of national and international networks and the development resp. procurement of information, data bases and [...]

The institute for philosophy for children, whose support is the Austrian society for philosophy for children, exists since 1985. It fosters education and further education of children, adolescents and adults, advises pedagogical institutions, generates project descriptions, develops and recommends seminar and work papers and serves as philosophical counselling point. On the [...]

The IAEVG is an international association of institutions and organisations active in educational counselling and guidance. Its focus lies on the professional qualification of school and vocational education counsellors. The association provides a list of national organisations worldwide, the e-journal "International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance" (subject to [...]

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