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The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto is recognized around the world as a leader in initial and continuing teacher education, graduate programs in education and education research. OISE is the largest and most research-intensive faculty of education in Canada, and one of the largest in North America.

The University of Malawi offers undergraduate programmes in the fields of Medicine, Agriculture, Commerce, Environmental Sciences, Economics and Development Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Theology and Religious Studies and Administrative Studies. These programmes are offered by the five constituent colleges of the University of Malawi.

Dominican Republic
Cámbrico is an interactive portal, which functions as data base and search engine for primarily academical information and, therefore, ensures a more qualitative knowledge acquisition. This tool filtres and analyzes in objective and precise search processes in the temporal and geographical context, to find adequate data in all its depth. This project satisfies the prevailing [...]

The aim of the Pedagogics and Psychology Gateway is to be part of the umbrella of information gateways under DEFF (Denmark's Electronic Research Library), and in this structure the provider of national and international information ressources in relation to Pedagogics and Psychology. To offer a joint entrance to electronic ressources in Pedagogics and Psychology. The gateway [...]

Teaching aids and information for teachers, pupils and parents.

"The Australian Council of Deans of Education (ACDE) is the peak organisation representing the deans of faculties of education and heads of schools of education in Australian universities and other higher education institutions." Its website provides information on the council, access to its publications as well as links to related websites.

Latin America
This portal for university graduates provides access to various information which could be important for these persons: link lists of institutions, departments and institutes, lists of libraries and research institutions, advice for internet facilities and international contacts etc.

Russian Federation
This Website offers an alphabetically ordered link list of the higher education centres in the Russian Federation. There are search facilities regarding City, Type of University, Specialization. Users can also find a rating of the higher education institutions with the "top 100".

The International Society for Educational Planning was established in Washington 1970 to foster the professional knowledge and interests of educational planners. Through conferences and publications, the Society promotes the interchange of ideas within the planning community. The membership includes persons from the ranks of governmental agencies, school-based [...]

Over 11,000 web pages on this site are accessible through a table comprising amongst others the following links - many of them related to education and training: Databases online, International organizations, International NGOs, World problems, Human potential, Human values, Knowledge Organizations, Language/Culture etc.

Europe; international
Europa Publications are the publishers of The Europa World Year Book, The World of Learning, The International Who's Who and other internationally acclaimed reference works.

This homepage of the University Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo refers to the history of the university, the rectorate of the single faculties with the study courses and programmes offered, to the teaching staff and the students, to legal regulations and to the annual report. Besides information is provided on the student association, the Centre for African Students and the library [...]

United Kingdom
"The Agency's main business is to review the performance of universities and colleges of higher education. It does this by visiting institutions to audit their overall academic management, including arrangements for collaboration with overseas partners; and to assess the quality and standards of teaching and learning at subject level". The reports of the agency are available [...]

"The Faculty of Education has taken on a variety of roles that are linked to a wider conception of education and training. Its main focus remains pre-service and in-service teacher education." The Faculty's website offers a short survey of its main fields of study, courses, admission, boards, conferences, programmes, projects and journals as well as addresses and publications [...]

The homepage of the university provides an overview about history, organizational structure and faculties of the university and its courses, the degrees which can be obtained and the participation in programs of the European Union.

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