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Founded in 1954, the Indonesia University of Education is one of Indonesia\'s oldest universities as well as one of the central institutions to provide teacher education and education for students who want to become educational professionals or policy makers in various government bodies. UPI has 7 faculties covering all relevant subjects. Meanwhile, there is also a School for [...]

SOOL is "a national umbrella organization of all teacher students in Finland". The English summary of the website provides information on goals and activities of SOOL, as well as basic information on Finnish teacher education and the education system. Furthermore, you will find a pdf document in English on "Goals for teacher education 2013-2016". [Abstract: Editors of [...]

The University of Teacher Education in Vienna is one of the largest teacher education universities in Austria having 410 lecturers who provide high quality teaching to around 3000 students per year.

The Colombian Federation of Educators (FECODE) is entrusted with the task to answer the necessities and the expectations of the population in relation to education. It contributes to the success of the right on an integral, qualitative education financed by the government. Also, FECODE contributes to the creation of a sovereign, equitable and democratic republic which gives [...]

Spain; Latin America
The Cervantes Institute is a public institution which was founded in 1991 by the promotion of Spanish teaching and language and for t he diffusion of Spanish and Latin-American culture. It is located in Madrid, Spain and in Alcalá de Henares, Spain, the birth place of Miguel de Cervantes. The centres of the institute are located in all five continents. The tasks and functions [...]

The Network teachers of teachers is a program of the ministry of education of Chile with the task, to strengthen the teacher profession. This is accomplished by the application of the capabilites of teachers which were acknowledged as excellence teacher by the Asignación de Excelencia Pedagógica (AEP) by contributing to the professional development of the teacher entity. The [...]

he Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA) is the major professional association for teacher educators in Australia. The mission of the Australian Teacher Education Association is to promote:The preservice and continuing education of teachers in all forms and contexts; Teacher education as central in the educational enterprise of the nation; Research on teacher [...]

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