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From November 2016 to May 2017, the "Generalitat de Catalunya" (government of the autonomous region of Catalonia) invited researchers to publish 6 papers on the "Future of Education in Catalonia". These papers were discussed online and in face-to-face workshops. They are also available in an English version: * The Pillars of the Education System * The Architecture of [...]

This OECD report analyses the role of Catalan universities in supporting social, economic and cultural development in the region of Catalonia. The website provides the full report, an executive summary as well as many more informations and links on higher education in Catalonia. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Spain; international
Debats d\'educació (~ debates on education) is a discussion forum on educational issues with the aim of improving education in Catalonia. The speakers come from Catalonia and abroad, they address the public in general. The website provides videos, audios and text based documents. Videos and audios on education in Catalonia tend to be in Catalan. Still, you will find a small [...]

The Adacemy is meant to be an interface between science and research, society, and politics. It also advices the government in many issues. Its approximately 50 members are organised in 5 commissions that represent all the scientific fields from Natural Sciences to Humanities. The website provides information on activities (conferences etc.), publications, the Academy\'s [...]

Central America
This short report summarizes a regional seminar about "Public policies for inclusion and equity in Central America" that took place in Panama on 28 and 29 January 2015. International regional cooperations as well as national programes and projects of some Central American countries are mentioned in the summary. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

North America; Mexico; Guatemala; Belize; Costa Rica; El Salvador; Honduras; Nicaragua; Panama; Central America
[Our link leads to an archived site as of 06.02.2015 as the organisation\'s new website doesn\'t provide info sorted regionally any more but sorted by subject. For current information please visit the original website] Disability Rights International aims at promoting the rights of people with disabilities internationally. Its sub-site on the Regional Office for Mexico and [...]

The National Report Card on Inclusion (2007-2013) was a short annual summary of the situation of people with intellectual disabilities in Canada. The respective reports have different foci, for example on inclusive education, work, poverty, family support, or children\'s rights. They were published by the Canadian Association for Community Living. Starting from 2011, there is [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas
As the Palestinian General Union of People With Disability doesn\'t seem to have a website of its own, we link you to (contact) information about the Union on another website. You will find information about the mission and activities from 2010 to 2012, as well as an information brochure for download in pdf format. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

The "Israel Science and Technology Homepage" lists websites of professional educational associations in Israel. According to their own statement, "Israel Science and Technology Homepage is the national database and directory of science and technology related sites in Israel." [Abstract: Site editor’s information supplemented by editors of Education Worldwide]

The Hellenic Association for Education (HEAd) offers not just a bilateral cooperation with the University of Dundee in an undergraduate and postgraduate programm. It also forces with the Research Centre for Learning & Innovation activities at European and International levels in a number of significant learning innovation projects. HEAd was founded by the initiative of [...]

The notion of conference here is used to describe a kind of association which only encompasses a special type of public schools, and not all schools that call themselves "public". The Indian Public Schools\' Conference (IPSC) was founded in 1939 and meanwhile has 79 member schools. The website provides information on IPSC history, goals, members, rules, guidelines for [...]

The Education Working Group brings together experts in Holocaust education from around the world to provide expertise, advice, and recommendations about teaching Holocaust education. As the Stockholm Declaration states, “We share a commitment to encourage the study of the Holocaust in all its dimensions. We will promote education about the Holocaust in our schools and [...]

There is no obvious mention of the link of this mailinglist to the SEEE. The only link that was drawn can be found in the article by the SEEE president, who mentions the mailing list and its origin in Spain. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Portugal; Spain; Germany; France; Belgium; Ireland; Italy; Norway; Switzerland; Australia; Mexico; Morocco; Brazil; Europe; international
SEEE (European Society for Ethnography of Education) is almost non-existent on the web. However, this article by the president of the society outlines the creation, the objectives and held conferences and informs about their Revue de la Société Européenne d\'Ethnographie de l\'Education (REEE). SEEE also uses a mailing list called ETNOEDU. The article appeared in: [...]

"[Founded in 1961], [t]he National Association of Educational Policy and Administration (ANPAE) is an academic civil society in the field of educational policy and management (...). ANPAE’s mission is to fight for the affirmation of the right to lifelong quality education for all (...). To this end, ANPAE´s objectives focus on the professional improvement and [...]

InfoChangeIndia is an initiative of the Centre for Communication and Development Studies (Pune) who ´´fosters new platforms for research, advocacy, dialogue and citizens\' action on pluralism, social justice and sustainable development in India´´. InfoChangeIndia exists apparently since 2002. It is a ´´free-access resource base, with special sections on poverty & [...]

The website of the Brazilian Association for Distance Learning provides very ample information and resources on distance learning in Brazil. You will find a course serach, a search for course providers, a search for professionals in this area, fulltext documents, podcasts, legislative documents, periodically published evaluations and statistics on distance learning in Brazil, [...]

Brazil; international
The website of the Brazilian Association for Early Childhood Education (created in 1981) provides some information on its structure, aims and statutes. Otherwise, the website seems to be used mainly for announcing the three-annual "Congresso Internacional de Educação Infantil" (the 7th taking place in 2013). Other event announcements and small articles were last updated in [...]

Costa Rica
The objectives of the Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ) are the development of the transformative potential of communities and artistic skills as well as the promotion of universal access to culture and art as superior language of communication and recognition. Also, MCJ creates a multicultural identity of the society conducive to improving the quality of life of the [...]

The Bolivian Physics Society (SOBOFI) has the objectives to contribute to the scientific and technological progress of the country through knowledge as well as through the application of physics in all its aspects, to disseminate the knowledge about the value of physics concerning the development of the country and the knowledge about education activities of this discipline in [...]

The OECD groups 34 member countries in an organisation that, most importantly, provides governments a setting in which to discuss, develop and perfect economic and social policy. Member countries meet and exchange information in committees. Committees bring together representatives of member countries, either from national administrations or from their permanent delegations to [...]

The Education Alliance for the Construction of Cultures of Peace consists of national and international institutions. Its aim is to work on the education level for the construction of peaceful cultures and democratic coexistence on the national, regional and local level. Therefore, the alliance provides technical help and cooperation. Furthermore, there is an intensive [...]

The Education Alliance consists of several universities and colleges. It promotes a qualitative education in Colombia as effective method to effect an equality of opportunity in society. The alliance sees itself as institution of intellectual, social, ethical and esthetical education of individuals.

The mission of Cantera is to contribute to the building up of a society that is more just, fair and sustainable while at the same time strengthening the identity and capabilities of the persons with whom it works, not only in their individual setting, but also collectively, from the concept and practice of Popular Education, the perspective of gender, intergenerational [...]

The tasks of the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education are to advance the development of the Nicaraguans through further training and formation on different levels and with different education programs, to increase the participation of civil society in administration, together with the local government, directors and teachers, to strengthen the autodevelopment of the educational [...]

PRISMA works for equity and sustainable development by realizing programs and projects together with the participation of the community which are based on a profound analysis of the necessities of the population.

The Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (National Center for Scientific Research) is a government-funded research organization, under the administrative authority of France\'s Ministry of Research. Founded in 1939 by governmental decree, the tasks of the CNRS are to evaluate and carry out all research capable of advancing knowledge and bringing social, cultural, [...]

The National Forum for `Education for All` was created by governmental institutions and civil-society organisations as a multisectorial commission of the education sector to integrate the public and private efforts in the world education forum Dakar-Senegal which is organised by the UNESCO. One of the main objectives of the forum was the formulation and elaboration of the [...]

In the whole world, the United Nations work over an ensemble of organisations which calls itself System of the United Nations (SNU) and which was created by the office of the UN, by funds and programs (such as the UNESCO and the WHO) as well as by participating organisations. These organisations include all spheres of economical and social activity. In Peru, the SNU is adapted [...]

Dominican Republic
The coalition for a worthy education is an efford for a unity of organisations and activists which want to achieve, with civil and pacifist actions, which match a good part of the LEY GENERAL DE EDUCACION 66-97, that 4% of the PIB of the national budget are allocated for education.

United States
The National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) is the “leader in life science education.” Since its inception in 1938, thousands of educators have joined NABT to share experiences and expertise with colleagues from around the world, keep up with trends and developments in the field, and grow professionally.

The Centre for Diversity and Learning is attached to Ghent University in Flanders. The principal goal of the SDL is to support the interculturalisation of the Flemish education world by providing a coherent and scientifically-based support to professionals and organizations active both inside and outside the field of education. The central subject of the CDL is the social and [...]

Cameroon; Germany
Hope Foundation (HF) is a German and Cameroonian non-profit development and non- governmental registered organization. Hope Foundation was founded in the year 2001 with the primary goal of promoting community development and alleviating poverty in rural and needy areas of Cameroon, thereby improving the standards of living of the rural communities in Cameroon. A number of [...]

Arab States
The Arab Education Forum is a non-governmental, non-profit organization active in the Arab World in the field of community and youth work. The mission of AEF is to contribute to an Arab cultural regeneration project that springs out of the inherent knowledge and experiences within the Arab societies. AEF constantly attempts to develop a shared vision related to learning in the [...]

The Polish Academy of Sciences is a state scientific institution founded in 1952. It functions as a learned society acting through an elected corporation of top scholars and research organizations, via its numerous scientific establishments. It has also become a major scientific advisory body through its scientific committees. Division I Social Sciences, Division II [...]

The association for Didactics of French as a foreign language (ASDIFLE) has been created to gather those who, in and outside France, are interested in didactics of French as a foreign language to raise awareness for the didactic in its scientific specifity. It wants to be a privileged place of encounter of teachers, researchers, public and private institutions which opens [...]

The European Mathematical Society (EMS)\'s membership consists of all mathematical societies in Europe and about 2000 individual members who joined through their national societies. The purpose of the Society is to further the development of all aspects of mathematics in the countries of Europe. The Society aims to promote research in mathematics and its applications. It will [...]

The Estonian Non-formal Adult Education Association (ENAEA) is a non-governmental, national umbrella organisation in the non-formal adult education field associating education-orientated NGOs (69 member organisations in 2007). The mission of the Estonian Non-formal Adult Education Association as a civic association and nation-wide organization connecting educationally [...]

Ivory Coast
Besides a short overview of the educational situation of girls in the country, the site presents UNGEIs perspectives and goals, mainly to strengthen the community`s participation to promote girls` education and to reduce gender disparities. The section "newsline" informs about recent activities on the educational sector concerning girls` education.

Equatorial Guinea; Benin; Burkina Faso; Mali; Comoros; Congo, Democratic Republic of; Chad; Ivory Coast; Gabon; Guinea-Bissau; Togo; Burundi; Mauritania; Mali; Senegal; Cameroon; Niger; Central African Republic; Africa South of the Sahara
AFRISTAT is an international organization created by a treaty signed September 21, 1993 in Abidjan by the 14 African member countries of the franc zone. At present (march 2011) the organization counts 19 members. The organization provides the activities of national statistical offices in member states. AFRISTAT also promotes regional and economic integration by aiming for [...]

Korea, Democratic People's Republic
The site provides extensive information about North Korea, based on studies of the Library of Congress dating from the 1990s. The description of the education system contains the followings chapters: the theme and method of education, primary and secondary schools, social education, higher education and education for adults.

This is a report by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the situation of women in Japan, including some details concerning education. In particular the articles 10 and 11 are offering information on the situation of women in the educational system.

"VSJF - German Association for Social Science Research on Japan" was founded in 1988. Its general aim was and still is to strengthen the study of contemporary Japan in the German-speaking countries. Under "activities" you can find the section group on education. The database experts allows the search for experts in specific fields.

The "Center for US-Japan Comparative Social Studies" is an internet- based non-profit organisation founded in 2000. It aims to provide the general public with information about education, society and culture in Japan in English and about education, society and culture in the United States in Japanese. This article deals mainly with the equal rights of women concerning [...]

The text offers a general overview of Japan. The chapter on society in Japan includes a short article on youth and information about the influence of the school system on everyday life of young people.

The search function offers access to general news, including news about the educational system.

The German Information Network International Relations and Area Studies (FIV-IBLK) is a cooperation of 12 independent German and one nordic research institute. Together, they produce the database "World Affairs Online", one of the largest bibliographic social science databases in Europe. The main subject areas covered are global and regional developments, for eign and security [...]

The ILO (International Labour Organization) Library in Geneva is the world's leading library on the world of work. It serves as a knowledge base of key information on work issues, sustainable livelihoods, and the work-related aspects of economic and social development, technological change and human rights. The ILO Library is the core repository of ILO publications produced in [...]

Africa; Asia; Latin America; Middle East
The four regional libraries of the GIGA Information Centre collect literature on economic, political and social developments in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Besides library catalogues the service comprises online bibliographies and internet resources. GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies emerged from the German Overseas Institute (founded in [...]

The Unesco Institute for Statistics (UIS) gives some facts and figures on the Andorran education system like enrolment or literacy rates.

Russian Federation
The "Teachers' Newspaper" has a long tradition which began in the Soviet Union and has been continued in the Russian Federation. The print version has been edited since 1924, the online version has been available since 1995. The website of the weekly newspaper deals with a wide range of school topics: national school, school library, class management, experiments, health, [...]

CURE is an international organization which conducts its activities in the fields of education and information in Ukraine, the countries of the former Soviet Union, and the United States. The main goals of CURE are to provide informational support to economic, political, and social reforms in Ukraine and to increase Ukrainian citizen involvement in the process of reforms. On [...]

The forum is an extra-university institution and information centre sustained by scientists from different branches of study (political science, chronicle, social science and economics) and specialists in didactics. Within the series "Informationen zur Politischen Bildung" ( information in political education), published by the forum, topical books are edited in cooperation [...]

The Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences is an association of the five Swiss academies of natural sciences, medical sciences, humanities and social sciences and technical sciences. The academies engage themselves specifically for an equitable dialogue between science and society, and they advise politics and society in science based and issues relevant to society. They [...]

The aim of the website is to enable teachers, students (and parents) of Civic, Social and Political Education with the aim to develop active participatory citizens. Information on human rights and global issues and presentation of action projects.

The aims of ACT are to support the teachers of Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE) and to represent them. Information on the constitution, action projects and events. Free access to 'ACTIVATE' , the newsletter of ACT. Full text articles and statements and commented useful links for CSPE teachers are available.

Interactive website for children/pupils providing general information on Denmark, its history, geography, politics, learning and daily life.

France; international
A list of associations that work in the field of education and are officially accredited and sometimes subsidised by the French Ministry of Education. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Chinese Education and Society offers unabridged translations of articles from Chinese journals, newspapers, and collections of articles published in book form. The aim of the journal is to present the more important Chinese studies in this field in the light of the interest of those who are professionally concerned with it. Sources used are: Jiaoyu yanjiu (Education Research), [...]

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