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Education Systems International

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international; Ecuador; Georgia; Turkey; Peru; Armenia; Zambia; Azerbaijan; Republic of Korea; Mexico; Costa Rica; India; Russian Federation; Brazil; Taiwan
The CRC 1342 Covid-19 Social Policy Response Series is published by the Collaborative Research Centre "Global Dynamics of Social Policy" (CRC 1342). It provides a country-by-country overview of worldwide social policy developments in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic including education policy into the analysis as an elementary policy area for promoting equality of [...]

Israel; international
The Taub Center is doing research on social policy in Israel. This research is divided into 5 sections: economics, education, health, labor markets, and social welfare. For each section, you will find publications (some as fulltext) and statistical data (such as expenditure on education e.g.). The Taub Center also publishes an annual "State of the Nation Report". Furthermore, [...]

Educational Research at ESRI deals with a wide range of topics, covering all levels of the Irish educational system. A focus is on the following topics: * School organisation and process >> Project: Primary school outcomes: a European study * Provision for children with special educational needs (SEN) >> Project: Educational Needs of Young People in Care >> Project: The [...]

The Education Alliance for the Construction of Cultures of Peace consists of national and international institutions. Its aim is to work on the education level for the construction of peaceful cultures and democratic coexistence on the national, regional and local level. Therefore, the alliance provides technical help and cooperation. Furthermore, there is an intensive [...]

The ministry´s internet portal provides information on family and children policies and back to education programmes for social welfare customers.

This website of the OECD provides, sorted by countries, a wealth of documents, publications, news, statistics and information about vocational education and qualifications, labour, labour market, human capital, employment and employment policy, social policy, international migration and related topics in OECD countries and some exclusive non-member-countries.

Them ministry is divided into many divisions and then further divided into program areas. The divisions are: Advanced Education, Culture and Heritage, Education Operations and Development, Early Childhood and School Services, Income Security, ECE Service Centres (career development and library services), Official Languages.

The ministry is responsible for the following sectors: Education, childcare and early education, compulsory education, higher education, university, vocational education and training institutions, life-long learning, examinations, employment and training, public broadcasting services, libraries, national archives, social policy, family policy, child policy, social security, [...]

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