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Psychology at Education Systems International

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The IAIED is an interdisciplinary association that brings together the fields of computer science, education and psychology. It promotes research and development of interactive and adaptive learning environments. Among other things, IAIED organises an annual conference and publishes the International Journal of AI in Education (IJAIED) (not freely accessible). You can also [...]

international; Turkey
[The website has no English version anymore since about its relaunch in 2019. For older / static information about the association please take a look at an older version of the website in the webarchive.] The Association of Measurement and Evaluation in Education and Psychology (EPODDER) was founded in 2013. Its website provides background information about the [...]

Turkey; international
The Child and Family Studies Laboratory belongs to the Department of Psychology at the Graduate School of Social Sciences & Humanities (GSSSH). Its website provides some information on research projects under "Research". Furthermore, you can find more information on publications and research projects in the CVs and the personal websites of the laboratory's staff (see "Team"). [...]

You can find educational research on different campuses and in different faculties and departments of the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina. The Campus of Mendoza has a Department of Humanitites and Educational Sciences. Among others, it runs the international "Observatory for Academic and School Cohabitation" (Observatorio de la Convivencia Escolar). The [...]

Palestinian Territories
The College / Faculty has two departments: the Department of the Foundation of Education and the Department of Psychology. The website provides information on mission and visions, goals, study programmes, admission, college statistics, and more. In the HU Journal 'B' Humanities you will find some articles in English about educational issues. [Abstract: Editors of Education [...]

Palestinian Territories
The English version of the website is still empty after the website's relaunch (as of 30.08.17). That's why we provide an older version of the website as of 08.04.2016 from the Internet Archive for the time being. The faculty has 8 departments: * Department of Special Education * Department of Kindergarten * Department of Education * Department of [...]

Palestinian Territories
The website has a short overview over the faculty. It has a Department of Education primary and kindergarten and a Department of Psychology. Furthermore, you can find a list of programmes offered. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Website of the Department of Psychology, Pedagogy and Philosophy at Kremenchuk National University. The website provides ample information about the history, structure and organisation of the department, about research and teaching activities, publications of every faculty member, events and much more. Unfortunately, the website is available only in Ukrainian. [Abstract: [...]

The H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University has several institutes and departments dealing with education and pedagogy. Their websites provide information on the history, structure and organisation of the departments, about research and teaching activities, publications and more. You will find the following institutes and departments: - Educational and Research [...]

Website of the Institutе of Pedagogy and Psychology of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University (LNU) in Kiev. The website informs in English about the history of the institute as well as its departments. Not all of them have English descriptions. You will find the following depratments: - Department of Pre-school Education and Primary Education - Department of [...]

The three libraries, Education, Jewish Education and Social Work, amalgamated in July 2003 to form a unified library at the Mount Scopus campus, as part of the Libraries Authority. The multi-disciplinary collections include education, social work and related fields such as psychology, psychotherapy, sociology and anthropology, connected to different age groups and population [...]

international; Ireland; Africa; South America; Asia
The school (formerly "Department of Education and Professional Studies") has a research and teaching specialisations in: At the Research Centre for Education and Professional Practice (RCEPP) * Education & Clinical Psychology * Leadership, Evaluation & Change * Globalisation & Diversity * Teaching, Learning & Assessment * Professional Practice and at the EpiStem - [...]

international; Ireland
The School of Education was founded in 1909. Amongst others, it has a focus on gender and education. Furthermore, people are working on areas as diverse as the sociology of childhood, psychology, gender & education, the history of education, education & disadvantage, curriculum design & development, children's literature, teachers and teaching, philosophy of education, [...]

The website of the "centre for historical pedagogic" at the catholic university of Leuven provides an overview of the research fields and key domains of the pedagogic and psychological sector which are: history of education, education in sociocultural view, school cultur, history of psychological and pedagogical sciences, intercultural identity, methodology, epistemology and [...]

The Jean Piaget Archives are a private foundation by the late Professor Bärbel Inhelder founded in 1974. The Foundation fulfils a function made necessary by the quantitative and qualitative importance of Piaget´s work. Within the University of Geneva, the Foundation collects all the writings of the great psychologist and genetic epistemologist as well as the secondary [...]

The aim of the Pedagogics and Psychology Gateway is to be part of the umbrella of information gateways under DEFF (Denmark's Electronic Research Library), and in this structure the provider of national and international information ressources in relation to Pedagogics and Psychology. To offer a joint entrance to electronic ressources in Pedagogics and Psychology. The gateway [...]

The Danish School of Education Press publishes quality publications within the entire field of education - pedagogies, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, psychology. The area of publication covers teaching materials and research results for seminars and other forms of further and higher education. Our publications are also aimed at the more general public interested in the [...]

Central Europe
This homepage provides an introduction to the 10 components of the EU-Project INTERREG IIIA Education Quality (EdQ). It comprises amongst others a Model of Basic Competencies, an Online-Library, and a Romance Language Network. The project contributes to educational co-operation in the Central European region. It aims to resume the successful work of the Central European [...]

With the support of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research, the Charlotte Bühler association ( registered association) was founded in 1992. Its aim is to conduct an institute for early childhood research combining theory as well as practice. The institute was given the name "Charlotte Bühler Institute for Practice-Oriented Early Childhood Research" [...]

The institution ´school psychology - education consulting´, sustained by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (BMBWK) and integrated into the school system, offers its services to pupils, teachers and parents with respect to their search for insights, experiences and implementation that prevent, reduce and solve problems. Moreover it fosters the individual, [...]

United Kingdom
ELSE is an interdisciplinary research centre based at University College London. Its research is concerned with the modelling of human behaviour in the social sciences. Research efforts are devoted to the area in which anthropology, economics and psychology come together. Most of the research effort at ELSE is formulated and pursued within the conceptual framework provided by [...]

In response to the demand for a psychological service to all schools, the NEP (National Educational Psychological Service) was established September 1999. This strategy statement (PDF-file, 33 pages) outlines NEP's aims and activities for children.

These are the pages of the Faculty of Educational Studies, one of the faculties at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan . An overview on the sixteen research departments (general didactics, history of education, adult education etc.) and the College of Education is given. For each department the main topics of educational research are listed and the head of department is [...]

This is the home page of a non-violent approach for helping children and adults with special needs. It offers access to the following buttons: gentle teaching international; gentle teaching places; gentle teaching schools; quality of life; quality of life profile; sensory integration; personal teaching plan; placements and courses.

Brazil; international
Here you will find a collection of educational websites from Brazil and other countries. It ist subdivided into 38 categories. There are also links to projects, which have keywords and provide a contact-mail. Focal points are evaluation and education statistics.

This site has been prepared for people interested in social work and "for all persons concerned with special education"; it contains a wealth of information. Beside an employment market for relevant jobs, discussion lists, and full texts about the formation of social workers, the site mainly consists of a collection of links (with short descriptions) arranged under the [...]

"The Institute of Guidance Counsellors is the professional body representing over 700 practitioners in second level schools and in other settings...It promotes standards for entry into the profession and for the practice of guidance and counselling". The website offers information about the profession and how to become a counsellor, but mainly it is intended as a forum for [...]

The site contains: membership information and other information ( conferneces, links to web sites etc.) of the Swiss Psychological Society.

The Institute for Work and Vocational Guidance is a branch of the CNAM. Its missions are: 1) initial and continuing education of ( vocational) guidance personnel, 2) research in the area of the psychological foundations of vocational guidance (done in an institute at the university Paris V) and 3) operating an information centre with library and test- library. Furthermore the [...]

The Jean Piaget Society, established in 1970, has an international, interdisciplinary membership of scholars, teachers and researchers interested in exploring the nature of the developmental construction of human knowledge. The Society's aim is to provide an open forum, through symposia, books, and other publications, for the presentation and discussion of scholarly work on [...]

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