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international; United Kingdom
"Digital technologies have transformed daily life. Yet capacity for producing accessible digital tools and services has not kept pace with demand, exacerbating digital exclusion for disabled people and older people.

The project is developing an university didactic offer for lecturers in Switzerland. The objective is to support digital communication, cooperation and collaboration and generally digital education.

The OPEN GAME project (Promoting Open Education through Gamification) aims to contribute to the uptake of Open Education Resources and Open Education Practices among educators in Higher Education in an innovative and motivating way, through the developing of a gamified and situated learning experience on Open Education. The project is promoted by the Europeen Commission.

The Open University of Japan (OUJ) was founded in 1983 by the Open University of Japan Foundation, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. It is an accredited educational institution open to all the people in Japan. OUJ utilizes broadcasting media and other means for [...]

KlasCement is a very successful Belgian online platform where teachers share free learning resources. The content is also available in English.

Interview of OERinfo with Professor Tsuneo Yamada of the Open University of Japan on Open Education. In Japan awareness to OER is not high. MOOCS on the other hand play an important role in the discussion.

OERinfo talks to Ilmari Jauhiainen, Senior Planning Offices at the Ferderation of Finnish Learned Societies, about Open Education and OER in Finnland.

United States; United States
City Tech’s OpenLab is an open-source digital platform where students, faculty, and staff can meet to learn, work, and share their ideas. Its goals are to support teaching and learning, enable connection and collaboration, and strengthen the intellectual and social life of the college community.

The Open Education Research Hub (OER Hub) is a team of scientists who do research on the impact of open educational resources (OER) on teaching and learning practices. The website offers information about current projects, provides research outputs as publications, reports, presentations, infographics and datasets. It also links to online courses which are open entry. Via a [...]

international; Turkey
The English version of the website provides background information on the Turkish Association of Curriculum and Instruction (EPÖDER), a list of completed doctoral theses from 2003-2014 and an Open Access journal, the International Journal of Curriculum and Instructional Studies (IJOCIS). This journal has some articles in English. For all Turkish articles, you will find an [...]

The Finnish Institute for Educational Research (FIER) is a multidisciplinary centre of educational research based at the University of Jyväskylä. It is one of the most important centres for educational research in Finland, receiving nearly half of its budget from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and the European Commission. Amongst others, it is in charge of the [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas
The Faculty website provides information on study programmes, staff, goals, history, structure of the faculty and more. On the university website, under "Institutes and Centers", you will furthermore find the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL). Since 2012, the CETL has a periodical called "Teaching for Learning", which is a kind of newsletter informing about [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas
The website has a short overview over the faculty. It has a Department of Education primary and kindergarten and a Department of Psychology. Furthermore, you can find a list of programmes offered. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas
The College / Faculty has two departments: the Department of the Foundation of Education and the Department of Psychology. The website provides information on mission and visions, goals, study programmes, admission, college statistics, and more. In the HU Journal \'B\' Humanities you will find some articles in English about educational issues. [Abstract: Editors of Education [...]

Palestinian Autonomous Areas
The National Institute for Educational Training (NIET) is in charge of teacher and other instructors\' education and training in Palestine. This one information page in English provides an overview over tasks, goals and activities of the NIET. The rest of the website is in Arabic. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Israel; international
"The MOFET Institute is a national intercollegial center for the research and development of programs in teacher education and teaching in the colleges. (...) It was founded by the Department of Teacher Education in the Ministry of Education in 1983 and is a Ministry of Education-funded non-profit organization." The English website is less comprehensive than the Hebrew one, [...]

Israel; international
This site provides a list of research centres at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. You will find the following centres for educational research: - Center for Futurism in Education - Center for Excellence in Teaching (no English website available) [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Ukraine; international
The Ukrainian National Library Vernadsky provides a database for scientific journals. You will find here a link to a search result for the word "teach* / pedagocical" (Педагогічний) in the title of the respective journals. Each journal has a small informational text and partly also fulltexts of the [...]

"India Didactics Association is the only exclusive membership association in the country for the education and training fraternity engaged in improving learning and teaching. IDA is a conglomerate of all stakeholders of the education and training industry in the country. It unites together the government (center and state level), companies providing products, solutions and [...]

Ireland; international
AISHE is a society for research in learning and teaching in higher education. The website of their conference, which takes place annually since 2008, offers information on the current as well as past conferences. Please find the conference themes here: 2012: Responding to Change: Effective Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2011: The Challenge for Graduates in a [...]

NAIRTL is financed by the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) of the Higher Education Authority Irlands and is an initiative of several Irish universities. NAIRTL aims at enhancing and improving the interaction and integration of research, teaching and learning in Higher Education. Students are meant to participate in the process, too, in order to guarantee a better education for [...]

AISHE is a society for research in learning and teaching in higher education. It organises the annual "AISHE International Conference Series (AISHE-C)" and publishes the open access e-journal "All Ireland Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (AISHE-J)", the AISHE Readings (AISHE-R), an occasional series of scholarly publications, and their conference [...]

international; Ireland
The School of Education has a focus on the following topics: * Sports Studies and Physical Education (SSPE) Home * Early Years and Childhood Studies Section * Science Education Section * PDE (Post-Primary Teaching) * Postgraduate Diploma in Special Education Needs (SEN) There are currentlich three bigger research projects: * Multiple [...]

The Association of Private Universities of Panama (AUPPA) is an institution which consists of several private universities which are constituted and authorized by the laws of the Panamanian government. The objective of AUPPA is to function as representative of the member institutions and as counsil organ for the state, private enterprises as well as for the population. In [...]

Costa Rica
Educ@Tico is the education portal of the Ministerio de Educación Pública (MEP) of Costa Rica which promotes and facilitates the access to new didactical instruments through the use of ICT. Its objective is to create opportunities for collaborative teaching through the access to information, auxiliaries, services and knowledge which respond to the needs and interests of the [...]

The Red Nacional de Prácticas y Residencias en la Formción de Docentes is a meeting point for persons and institutions which deal with teacher training. The task of the network is the elaboration of a systematics of exchange of knowledge and expertise which were built in the training institutions as well as in the universities. The RED fosters different alternative [...]

Spain; international
In accordance with the 2007 amendment of the Universities Act, in October 2008 the Council of Ministers authorized the creation of, the Foundation for the International Promotion of Spanish Universities. is a public sector foundation that aims to promote the Spanish university system throughout the world. The foundation was set up by the Spanish [...]

Cyberdocencia consists of multidisciplinary experts of education, especially of the direction of pedagogical higher education (DESP). Its functions are the formulation of national curricula, the design of policies and strategies for the continuing formation and the capacity of teachers in their respective work areas, the diagnose of the teacher situation and its professional [...]

The Centre for Continuing Education, Experimentation and Educational Research (CPEIP), a department of the Chilean Ministry of Education, has the task to develop, implement and evaluate programs which facilitate the professional development of teachers and managers relating to educational policies of the Ministry of Education. These programs are developed with regard to the [...]

Enlaces, the Centre for Education and Technology (CET), a department of the Ministry of Education of Chile, has the task to improve the quality of education by including educational IT in the school system, which is adequat to the necessities of the information society. Concrete objectives are the support of school to make the lessons more efficient, the developemt of new [...]

Argentina; Brazil; Colombia; Costa Rica; Cuba; Chile; United States; Guatemala; Mexico; Panama; Puerto Rico; Peru; Dominican Republic; Uruguay; Venezuela; Caribbean
The Latin-American Committee for Educational Mathematics (CLAME) unites accredited researchers and teachers of the field of educational mathematics of Latin-America. The main objective of the association is to connect actions and shared interests with the aim to promote qualitative research and its actualization and to attain professionalization of the teachers through [...]

The homepage "Conference Alerts" offers an overview of worldwide academical conferences. One list shows conferences by category, the other by country. Under the category "Education", conferences about the themes e-Learning, Higher Education, Lifelong Learning and Teaching and Learning can be found.

International Education Exchange (IEE) is working with the Government of Rwanda to support public education by training teachers, creating school partnerships, and improving infrastructure. As the number of children in school increases rapidly, the Government of Rwanda is now also focusing on the quality of education. A primary emphasis contributing to quality education is [...]

The National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) ensures that all school curricula are well-understood and effectively used by teachers via regular visits to schools, training seminars to orient teachers, periodic reviews, research and evaluation of curricula. NCDC attaches great importance to ensuring continuing education and training and the encouragement of individual [...]

The Higher Education Council (HEC) is an independent Government Agency. It is responsible for ensuring the structure, organisation and functioning of higher education institutions, for monitoring and evaluating the quality and standard of provision and for ensuring the quality enhancement of teaching and research. It advises the Minister in charge of Higher Education on all [...]

The Uganda Digital Education Resource Bank (UDERB) consists of educational resources which can be used by teachers and students to support and enhance the teaching and learning process in Uganda secondary schools. Currently (April 2011), the site is still partly under construction; more educational content will be added.

The International Institute for Higher Education is a private degree granting institution for higher education in the areas of management, science and technology. The Institute currently (february 2011) offers programs in management science, engineering and computer information systems. The Institute\'s central purpose is teaching and applied research and development. It [...]

This glossary provides French language explanations, definitions and annotations of French terminology related to education and instruction, and its translation into German and Dutch. The entries are chosen on the grounds of their use in Belgium and respective language regions there, not the terminological practice in France or the Netherlands.

Europe; international
The European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) was founded in the 80ies and meanwhile, it has more than 2400 members in more than 60 countries. Many of its more than 25 Special Interest Groups have their own websites and / or newsletters and organise their own workshops. EARLI also has a Network for Junior Researchers (JURE), organises conferences [...]

SNOW is the branch of the Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCAD University that focuses on inclusive education and learning. Our goal is to provide information and training for educators, parents and students with disabilities on technologies for learning both in and out of the classroom as well as promote understanding of inclusive practices. Our resources are free [...]

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