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Germany; Italy; Luxemburg; Sweden; Europe
The project "itm" aimed at analysing teaching material from Sweden, Italy, Germany and Luxembourg with regard to their inclusion-sensitivity. Based on this analysis, the project partners went on to compile evaluation criteria and develop inclusive teaching materials themselves. Under "project goals" you can find a criteria catalogue, a process model, publications, a concept [...]

Brazil; international
The Brazilian Initiative for Open Education brings together productions and projects from the UNESCO Chair for Distance Education and the Educadigital Institute, which promote the issue of Open Education in Brazil. The website provides academic research, publications, production of resources and repositories, as well as face-to-face and distance training courses. All of this [...]

Africa; Africa South of the Sahara; international
The "Association for the Promotion of African OER" was founded in 2009. It provides information about OER in Africa including links to various projects, OER materials, courses, software, etc. Some of the resources are sorted by language (francophone, anglophone, lusophone) or as pan-African. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

A very extensive and informative page of the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) on how to teach about refugees. On the one hand, there are general, cross-age information such as "Words matter", "Facts and figures", "Including refugees in your classroom". On the other hand, age-specific teaching materials are provided (age 6-18). Furthermore, materials on how [...]

eduscol, the informational website of the French Ministry of Education, provides links for teachers to prepare their courses on the French presitential election 2017. The links are mainly to be found within two subjects: EMC - Enseignement moral et civique (moral and civic education), and histoire-géographie (history-geography). [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

[Please note: The project ended in April 2022. Nevertheless, the platform OERinfo plans to integrate the OER World Map into its website. Information only in German].The OER World Map provides information on organisations, services, persons, projects, events, and stories with regard to Open Educational Resources (OER). The simple search can be used with filters for type of [...]

"[LangOER is a] 3-year network (January 2014- December 2016) supported by action KA2 Languages of the Lifelong Learning Programme, European Commission." The network is to support the use of Open Educational Resources for the benefit of regional and minority languages and linguistic diversity in the EU. The network has two target groups: educators, who will be offered [...]

Official site of the National Museum of Immigration in Paris. The museum opened in 2007 and presents the history of immigration to France. It is supposed to enforce the solidarity and integration of the French society. We link you to the sub-section "school and students" which provides a pedagogical access to the museum, including resources for teachers. [Abstract: Editors [...]

Canopé, formerly "Centre National de Documentation Pédagogique (CNDP)", is the national French information and documentation network for teachers to help them with their daily classroom practice. The website provides mainly (official) texts about various practical issues in the 3 school levels, information about teaching aids and material, products and catalogues of [...]

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