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Open Education Austria is a collaborative initiative among Austrian universities to develop a national infrastructure for creating, discovering, and sharing open educational resources (OER). With Open Education Austria, the libraries, e-learning centres, and central computing services of our partnering universities will join forces for the first time to support grassroots [...]

OERinfo talks to Ilmari Jauhiainen, Senior Planning Offices at the Ferderation of Finnish Learned Societies, about Open Education and OER in Finnland.

The website focuses on a database presenting French language resources (websites) on educational issues, from ministries and other recognised institutions such as the United Nations. These can be accessed by thematic dossiers on topics such as peace education, education and the internet, experimental science or diversity. Furthermore, the index is based on international [...]

The distance learning portal by the French language community in Belgium is open to anyone interested in professional or social qualification. Learners can enrol for the courses that are conceptually designed, pedagogically supervised and co-ordinated by the EAD, which also hands out materials and monitors exams.

Russian Federation
The Federal Portal is being elaborated by a Department of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and is dedicated to the field of supplementary education of children. The content of the pages is dedicated to both children and their parents. It comprises national and international programmes in supplementary education, their normative- legal and [...]

Russian Federation
Newcomers may orientate themselves first of all by checking the headings of the single categories. Users who ask specifically for information on the education system of the Russian Federation should approach directly the link "O rossijskom obrazovanii". The pages offer in particular access to portals, networks, projects, educational institutions as well as to educational [...]

Russian Federation
This website for the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and its surrounding areas and districts has the character of a portal. Approximately Yakutia has the territorial size of India. On the homepage numerous links offer access to information on the resource centre itself, its resources, the education system of the region, networks, projects and services.

Latin America; Caribbean
The International Institute for Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean is a regional Unesco-Institution with 33 Member States. By providing a spanish website, having the character of a comprehensive portal, the IESALC aims to reflect, to promote and to coordinate the initiatives and demands of its Member Countries in the field of higher education. Up-to-date [...]

Russian Federation
The homepage structured in detail provides a catalogue of resources for children. It comprises among others the categories entertainment, arts and culture, nature, computer and Internet, but also education, help for pupils/students and advice for parents.

Russian Federation
The Multi-Portal KM.RU, sponsored by a major bank and therefore also advertising medium, offers information on almost all spheres of social life in the Russian Federation. It also provides a particular page on educational issues with articles in full text as well as sections with opinions and comments.

Russian Federation
This official website of the city of Nizhni Novgorod (the former Gorki), the third-largest town in Russia, offers comprehensive information related to the category "Education and Science". It comprises various sub- categories on different educational areas and issues.

The Latvian website considers itself as a "Portal of Information and Cognition". From the menu bar "Navigation" the button "Catalogue of Educational Institutions" leads to numerous links which are arranged according to educational levels and areas. The homepage provides a search facility and offers access to latest news and to archives. Articles of the newspaper "Education and [...]

The European Youth Portal offers young people in Europe an unproblematic and fast access to youth-related information. It provides various categories, such as studying, working and exchange in Europe. Besides there are numerous links leading to more detailed information at national, regional and local level.

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