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Southeastern Europe; Albania; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Kosovo; Moldova, Republic of; Montenegro; Serbia; Romania; Austria; North Macedonia
The Cluster of Knowledge on Vocational Education and Training & the South East Europe Regional VET Network (SEEVET-Net) are networks of the Education Reform Initiative of South Eastern Europe (ERI SEE). They organise annual meetings whose presentations and results can be found on the website. Under "Library per SEE Countries" you can find legal regulations for the vocational [...]

Palestinian Territories
Legislative text of 1999 on the "rights of the disabled" in the Palestinian Territories. The link to the legal text was found on the website of the Worldbank. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

China, People's Republic of
The website of the Chinese Ministry for Education informs on its own structure and departments as well as on Chinese educational policy (incl. legal texts) or international agreements in the educational sector. Furthermore, you will find educational statistics (they have to be viewed via the Chinese sight, but there is an English translation for the single documents) and [...]

The website of the Brasilian National Trade Union of Workers in the Educational Sector provides very broad information on education and working conditions in the educational field in Brazil. Among others, you will find information on legislation and bills, on events and meetings, on networks, as well as fulltexts of reports, studies, whole books and a feminist journal called [...]

Website of the Brazilian Association for Education (ABE), created in 1924. The website provides information on the history, structure and aims of ABE, some articles on educational issues, the wordings of laws in the Brazilian educational sector, a small newsletter as well as further current news on education in Brazil. Access to the archive and library is subject to (free) [...]

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