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"Digital technologies have transformed daily life. Yet capacity for producing accessible digital tools and services has not kept pace with demand, exacerbating digital exclusion for disabled people and older people.

[This is a copy of the original website as of 01.08.2014. The original website is offline.] This is a bibliography on the issue of inclusion of children with special needs in regular (educational) settings in Israel. The titles documented run from 1985 to 1994. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Part two: *** This literature review is onyl available in Hebrew. Nevertheless, the automatic Google-translation (for part 1 and part 2) can give you some first ideas about the topic. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

The link we provide here leads you to a series of publications started in 2012 by the Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute. According to their own statement, the institute is one of the most important centers for applied social research in Israel. One focus of their research is on disabilities. The "Facts & Figures" reports also include a bibliography. [Abstract: Editors of Education [...]

The Centre for Disability Law & Policy located at the National University of Ireland (NUI Galway) provides a bibliography of scientific journals with a focus on disability. A website for the respective journal is provided if available. The journals are classed by themes: A: Disability Studies B: Disability Area Studies (e.g., Europe) D: Intellectual disability E: [...]

The website of the Brazilian Society for Comparative Education provides information about its structure and members, about publications (boks, journals, reports), some of them available online for free, about conference announcements and other events as well as a bibliography of Brazilian theses in Comparative Education from 2008 to 2011 (including abstracts).

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