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Russian Federation
The Russian National Research University for Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in Saint Petersburg (ITMO) published an article on career guidance in its online magazine. The article was written on the occasion of the publication of a study that found out that a great number of university graduates in Russia later on didn\'t work in the field they had actually [...]

Together with the French Onisep, the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG) provides a multilingual glossary with the most important terms in educational and vocational guidance in English, German, French, and Spanish. There are four documents that only differ in their "lead language", that is the language according to which they are sorted [...]

This interactive map provides short information on guidance and counselling in European countries. The texts also contain links to further information on the subject of guidance in the respective country. Euroguidance is a European network of national resource and information centres for guidance and counselling in the educational and employment sector. The website is [...]

international; Canada
The CRWG has a focus on evaluation and assessment of the counselling profession and guidance activities. The website provides a lot of information, fulltexts and instruments from different projects. For example, you will find tools for self-evaluation, as well for counselling professionals (e.g. assessment of competencies) as for people seeking guidance (e.g. "My Career GPS"), [...]

OECD website on the policy framework for educational and vocational guidance and counselling in OECD member states. The website provides two comprehensive publications: "Career Guidance: A Handbook for Policy Makers" (fulltext in Engl. / French and summaries in several other languages) and "Career Guidance and Public Policy: Bridging the Gap" (fulltext in Engl., French, [...]

ECADOC was created as a project of the Network for Innovation in Career Guidance & Counselling in Europe (NICE). It was supported financially by the European Union from 2003 till 2006. ECADOC is aiming at promoting exchange and communication on research in the field of career guidance and counselling at a European level, as well as training young researchers in this field. [...]

Latin America; Mexico
The website of the Latin American network for professionals in counselling and guidance provides the newsletter "Boletín Tiempo Latinoamericano", annoucements of events and links to journals from different Latin American countries including Spain and the network\'s own journal "Revista Latinoamericana de Orientación y Desarrollo Humano \'OrientAcción\'". [Abstract: Editors [...]

The International Association for Counselling (IAC) was created in 1966 as the "International Round Table for the Advancement of Counselling (IRTAC)". It provides a platform for communication for researchers and professionals in counselling and guidance. IAC awards certifications to education programmes and courses in counselling, organises an annual conference with [...]

Africa; Africa South of the Sahara
The GCYDCA aims at developping and institutionalising guidance, counseling and youth development in Africa. The centre was founded in 1994 by the education ministers of almost all African states (49 out of 54). It is located in Malawi. The website seems to have been updated in 2016 for the last time. It provides some information on GCYDCA goals, activities and programmes which [...]

NBCC International is the international branch of the US American National Board for Certified Counselors. Its main aim is the certification of counsellors and quality assurance in the couselling profession. NBCC has a focus on counselling in the health sector, but it also provides certificates for educational and career guidance and counselling. The website contains [...]

EACG mainly organises training courses for career guidance counsellors at the European level, as well as an annual conference. Moreover, the website has a newsletter (last issue as of July 2016) and some information on EU projects. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

The Network for Innovation in Career Guidance & Counselling in Europe (NICE) began in 2009 with two European projects and was transformed into a foundation in 2017. NICE is a "European network for the academic training of people who practice career guidance and counselling (career practitioners)". Information is provided on three projects run by NICE: "Peer Learning", [...]

Euroguidance is a European network of national resource and information centres for guidance and counselling in the educational and employment sector. The website provides a lot of information, fulltexts, links and tools: texts on national counselling systems in the EU, best practice examples, links to European and international associations and networks dealing with [...]

The European Society for Vocational Designing and Career Counseling (ESVDC) focusses on research. It has created several awards for professors, PhD researchers and for special merits, organises conferences, provides a bibliographic list (no fulltext), a newsletter, information for members, and under "collaborations" you can find a list of similar international and national [...]

Established in 2004, the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy (ICCDPP) is rather a virtual network providing a forum, a virtual pinboard for all kinds of announcements and a reservoir for collecting literature, guidelines, frameworks, best practice examples, and many other documents concerning career development and guidance. All content can be [...]

The European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN) existed from 2007 till 2015. It was meant to support the EU member states and the European Commission in cooperating in lifelong guidance policy in education and the employment sector. In meetings, webinars and others, comprehensive material was elaborated to inform policy and decision makers. The website provides a [...]

Asia; Pacific Rim; Australia; New Zealand; Canada; United States; China; India; Indonesia; Japan; Cambodia; Guam; Kazakhstan; Republic of Korea; Malaysia; Pakistan; Philippines; Singapore; Vietnam
The Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA) provides a forum for professionals working in career guidance and counselling in our about Asia and the Pacific - from early to adult education. Its website provides information about APCDA, about regional country members, about the annual APCDA conference, webinars, and publications (a newsletter and the Asia Pacific [...]

The English website only provides a short introduction to the work of the Foundation: "The Vamlas Foundation is the one of the oldest disability organizations in Finland, founded in 1889 by a teacher, Vera Hjelt. She and her colleagues wanted to promote learning and working opportunities of children and youth with disabilities and the Foundation first consisted of a school and [...]

The Austrian Umbrella Association of the Professional Groups of Kindergarten and Nursery Educators was founded in 1994. It is a non-profit society originated by the fusion of the professional groups of kindergarten and nursery educators of Austria. The aim is a non-political and non-religious professional group of educators for kindergartens and nurseries in Austria. On the [...]

The Business, Technical, Vocational Education and Training Department (BTVET) Portal establishes an entry point for Uganda’s vocational training system and operates as a directory of individuals and organisations participating in or with an interest in the training of persons for jobs. Furthermore, the portal provides a means of disseminating cross cutting information [...]

The Austrian Federal Institute for Adult Education (bifeb) is part of the Ministry of Education, Art and Culture and is dedicated to the principles of lifelong learning and the equal access to education. The close national and international cooperation with affiliate organisations of adult education and other research institutions ensures the professionalisation of continuing [...]

The offers of the Internet portal are amongst others a search in and after libraries, journals, data bases and online literature concerning adult education, information about promotion possibilities, links to job fairs and publications of the bm:ukk. Shortly (state: 12.2010), this offer is extended by a database unique in Austria which provides different [...]

This Swiss internet portal offers information and assistance regarding career choice (for example a list of interests with the corresponding career suggestions, a calendar for information events etc.), a list of the Swiss university environment including link lists for courses of studies of the different types of higher education as well as information to diverse higher [...]

The SDBB, a Swiss service centre for vocational education, study and career advice, is a special agency founded by the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK). It offers services on national level and for the language regions in the fields of vocational education and training and career and study advice.

United Kingdom
As a programme that is designed to facilitate access to higher education and make HE accessible for a large number of students, Aimhigher conducts events and projects in schools and universities, local communities throughout Britain, e.g. visits to university campuses, residential summer schools .

Guide to more than 2.000 education programmes and jobs in Denmark. You will find special sub-sites for youth education, higher education, adult education and infirmation for parents.

The UNEVOC portal is provided by the UNESCO in order to promote and sustain vocational education and training, particularly in countries in transition, and post- conflict regions. The programme TVET ( Technical vocational education and training) aims to improve opportunities for girls, youth and less privileged groups, for instance by establishing collaborative networks. This [...]

The IAEVG is an international association of institutions and organisations active in educational counselling and guidance. Its focus lies on the professional qualification of school and vocational education counsellors. The association provides a list of national organisations worldwide, the e-journal "International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance" (subject to [...]

The Education Gateway is am information system for teachers, pupils, and researchers concerned with finding information on the Nordic education system on the net. Although most of the site is in Icelandic only, an English version provides an overview of the objectives and central features (information resources on schools and national curricula, special needs education, and [...]

New Apprenticeships were introduced in 1998 to establish a single, national, integrated system of training and employment incorporating the previously separate apprenticeship and traineeship systems. This website addresses students to assist them with their career choices as well as employers. It contains information on New Apprenticeships, training packages, job prospects, [...]

The periodical "Panorama" supplies articles on vocational training, vocational education advice, and the labour market. It appears bimonthly, and is available in German and French. Readers can choose between pdf and HTML format.

This webpage yields information on the following topics: further education and the institute for economic promotion, job information and education consulting service, entitlement and additional qualification (e.g. Europass), university and university of applied sciences, school and apprenticeship. Links to e-learning offers and a market for apprenticeship training positions [...]

The Employment and Training Corporation is Malta\'s Public Employment Service. Its objectives are to help employees to find suitable employment and to assist employers to find suitable employees. For this purpose a nation-wide computerised job seekers\' database is in use. The ETC provides vocational guidance and training service to clients seeking new jobs and to clients [...]

the The Austrian analogue to the German Federal Agency for Employment is the "Labour market service" (AMS) and the "Vocational information system", a service company under public law outsourced 1994 from the Ministry of economics. In the AMS Vocational information system there are, divided into 24 vocational fields, ca. 600 descriptions of occupations, links from these [...]

The initiative "key2success" of the Federal Ministry of Education yields information, counselling and orientation for prospective candidates of the school leaving examination at general and vocational education schools. The site offers an internet course supporting the choice of studies or occupation, information about training and further education opportunities after the [...]

The job market service (AMS) offers plenty of information on options for vocational and further education, vocational trends and tests for disposition. A compass for jobs and one for apprentices as well as the information programme "your choice" shall give vocational orientation. The job information centres (BIZ) yield for free a large variety of information media about [...]

This text provides answers to all questions concerning vocational education in Spain.

This website of the Union of Turkish-German businesspeople offers full texts dealing with the situation of Turkish migrants in professional education and business in Germany.

El Salvador
This institut is the governing and coordinating body for the development of Salvadoranian vocational education. It develops and conducts programs for various fields of the labour market, plans the whole system of vocational education and advises employers to use human resources effectively. The web site provides information about the mission, strategic objectives and various [...]

Saint Lucia
Beside the self-description of the Ministry (organizational structure) the web site provides information about the school field (school system, examinations, admission and transfer, curriculum, teacher information) and human resource development (training opportunities, career guidance); additionally there are: statistical data, scholarship information, policy documents, i.e. [...]

This association has three objectives: a) to promote knowledge about enterprises among youth and teachers, b) do create knowledge about the development of the vocations in order to match supply and demand and c) to promote the integration of youth in the world of labour. This is done by a national structure and local school-business working groups. The website provides access [...]

Offer for professionals involved in vocational education. The portal comprises information from apprentice ship firms, professional associations, charges for vocational education, vocational schools and other related institutions. The links are arranged in these groups: vocational schools and training companies, training of teaching staff, vocational education in Switzerland [...]

"myfuture" (launched in 2002) is a high quality system, covering education, training and employment for all Australians. It is designed to explore skills and interests, identify possible career paths, develop career plan and research options for further study and training. With a guide (password necessary/free of charge) assistance in determining personal carrier can be [...]

NTIS is a database on vocational education and training in Australia. It contains detailed information about courses, qualifications, training packages, competency standards, new projects and a linklist of training organisations.

This website of the French public administration offers an opportunity for all citizens to get information about their rights in vocational education. There is a pre-prepared list of themes which includes VET for specific groups (e.g. handicapped, youth, unemployed), but one may also search for one' s own specific questions.

This website offers for young Omanis, supported by programmes of the government of the Sultanate Oman, comprehensive information for gaining National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ).- In the former British Protectorate the influence of British education on the education system of the Arab state has remained until today. National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) are UK [...]

The link offered is a copy of the web archive as of 2004. Nevertheless, it provides a long list of vocational and technical institutes in Lebanon that will still offer some valuable information.

INTERCARIF is the association of the Centres d\'Animation et de Ressources de l`Information sur la Formation (CARIF) and the Observatoires régionaux emploi formation (OREF) which exist in each French region. By clicking the single parts of the map a list of these regional centres is presented which shows the local resources of trainings, documentary sources and other [...]

Republic of Korea
KRIVET organizes its activities of vocational education around six main functions: (1) research and development, ( 2) evaluation and accreditation (of vocational qualifications), ( 3) information management, (4) policy consultation, ( 5) public services, ( 6) International cooperation.

Trinidad and Tobago
The National Training Agency is the new umbrella agency for effecting reform in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in Trinidad and Tobago. Its role is to co-ordinate and regulate technical and vocational education and training, promoting and facilitating a coherent system of quality TVET, e.g. by developing occupational standards and national vocational [...]

This Information offers acces to all Austrian vocational and educational information centres of the chambers of economics and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the vocational and educational information server, to education promotions, to new occupations. Additionally one finds here an extensive collection of interesting links to vocational information, educational [...]

"NCGE is a support agency to the Department of Education and Science whose aim is to develop guidance in all education settings". There is information about the various activities in all education sectors as well as lists of publications, research reports etc.

The Centre was installed by the Ministry for Youth and Sports and offers information for adolescents about "all topics that may interest them": orientation about vocational training and professions, health, sports, leisure, practical life, youth projects, European information. Via data base search one can find places for practical work.

"The Institute of Guidance Counsellors is the professional body representing over 700 practitioners in second level schools and in other settings...It promotes standards for entry into the profession and for the practice of guidance and counselling". The website offers information about the profession and how to become a counsellor, but mainly it is intended as a forum for [...]

The homepage of the Education Ministry is structured in six sections, the links of which lead to full texts about: 1) The Ministry and its missions, 2) the educational system (educational objectives and all levels of education), 3) programs, among others gifted education, career guidance, 4) educational institutions ( schools, statistics), information about schools (including [...]

This site is produced by the Education Ministry and shows links to the local information centres which can be searched by département or by community. With the link "l'orientation" a small full text about professional orientation of pupils and full texts about aspects of vocational guidance can be selected, e.g. history, recent conceptions, counsellors, European dimension or [...]

Canada; Canada; Canada
The site provides information on the following topics: Career (Planning, Occupational Information, Career Resources); Learning ( Places to Learn, Apply On-Line, Educational Links, Apprenticeship and Industry Training, Transfer Information, Alberta Education - Ednet, Financial Information); Employment (Looking for Work, Labour Market Information, Self-Employment, Workplace [...]

The Institute for Work and Vocational Guidance is a branch of the CNAM. Its missions are: 1) initial and continuing education of ( vocational) guidance personnel, 2) research in the area of the psychological foundations of vocational guidance (done in an institute at the university Paris V) and 3) operating an information centre with library and test- library. Furthermore the [...]

Switzerland; Liechtenstein
The objective of the association of counsellors for pupils, students and graduates is to support und promote specialists as well as public and private institutions offering their services in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. It especially fosters counselling and information services by providing opportunities of exchange via conferences, workshops and publications.

United Kingdom; Europe
"Careers Europe is the UK Resource Centre for International Careers...we have been recognised by the European Commission as the UK centre in the European Commission's LEONARDO Da Vinci programme's EU wide network of National Resource Centres for Guidance...As a resource centre we produce careers information about the possibilities to live, study, train and work in the [...]

The AFPA is the largest organization in the field of adult professional education in France and Europe. Its tasks are counselling, advice and information for employees and job seekers as well as for State and Territorial administrations and employers in the administration of human resources. The homepage has links to training programs, the various services for employers and [...]

The office, founded unter the protection of the French Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, is the official information centre concerning school issues, studies, professions and vocational training. The information relates to most of the professions for which training is available. An "atlas" describes the school and higher education [...]

This web-site presents information about the activities and action fields of this department of the Education Ministry.

With special reference to the region Ile de France this site offers comprehensive information about vocational training and continuing training opportunities. Additionally, there are full texts about various issues of vocational education: official texts, legal documents and studies, programmes for the introduction of adolescents into the labour market and a special site [...]

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