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Brexit, Science and Education

Umgestaltetes Feuer-Notausgangs-Schild wird zu Brexit-Schild.
Copyright: Paul Lloyd, "Brexit", CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Due to recent events, we would like to remind you once again of our Brexit dossier. It provides information on the possible impact of Brexit on European educational cooperation and scientific exchange. In addition to information from and about science and education policy, we also present the latest news on the subject.

World Refugee Day 2019

Syrische Kinder schauen auf das Flüchtlingslager Kawar Gosk im irakischen Erbil.
Syrische Kinder bei einem Flüchtlingslager in Erbil (Irak)
Copyright: Anmarrfaat, CC BY-SA 4.0

Millions of people worldwide are forced to leave their homes. Once a year, on June 20, events take place around the world to express solidarity with refugees. They pay tribute to the strength, the courage and resilience that refugees, internally displaced people and stateless persons demonstrate on a daily basis.

Therefore, we would like to remind you once again of our webdossier on education for refugees. It depicts international refugee aid and refugee policies and provides an overview of the educational situation of refugees worldwide as well as the research on forced migration.


Events - Meetings of specialists

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