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Ariadne Pfad:


Northern Ireland

There is no detailed dossier available for this country yet. Instead, you can have a look at the list of all the websites and the literature on this country under "Further Information".

Alternatively, you can search for specific educational topics, institutions and more in Northern Ireland in our databases.

Further Information

Pfeil Arrow Websites

Pfeil Arrow Literature

Overviews of the education system in Northern Ireland

international; Australia; Canada; England; France; Germany; Hungary; Ireland; Italy; Japan; Republic of Korea [...]
INCA (1996-2013) provided descriptions of government policy on education in Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Singapore, [...]

Responsible ministries of education and science in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland; United Kingdom
The Department of Education is responsible for the central administration of all aspects of education and related services in Northern Ireland - excepting the higher and further education sector, responsibility for which is within the remit of the Department for Employment and Learning. The Departments main [...]

Educational reports and education statistics on Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland; United Kingdom
"The Agency provides statistics, social research and registration services, and is responsible for the census of population". There are key statistics on education and training.

Northern Ireland; United Kingdom
The government of Northern Ireland's department for employment and learning seeks to qualify young people for emplyoyment and to secure their participation in the labour force, it provides funding opportunities for further and higher education and training, statistics and research.

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