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Simple (quick) search
Advanced search

Simple (quick) search

The simple (quick) search option activates a free text search across several fields in all of the databases accessible via ´Education worldwide´. This search query is similar to using Google: Please enter one or several search terms (separated by a blank space) into the search slot and press the coloured button labelled ´find´ at the right hand side.

When entering your search term, please note that capital letters and small letters are not distinguished, and ´umlaut´ as well as the character ´ß´ are automatically dissolved.
You can use wild cards when searching different word forms of the same term (* or %). You can place these wild cards at the left or right hand side or the centre of a search term. If you wish to replace a single character, you can use _ as a wild card s. examples:

  • Kind* will find Kind, Kinder, Kindes, Kindheit, kindlich,…
  • *materialien will find Lehr- und Lern- and Unterrichtsmaterialien
  • *beratung* will find Beratung, Berufsberatung, Beratungsgespräch or Berufsberatungsgespräch
  • Male_ will find Maler, malen, …

You should use underscores when operating with search terms that consist of several words, e.g.: United_Kingdom, Berufsbildendes_Schulwesen.

Search results will be displayed in a short list. Your search quest will be displayed at the top of the page. The list of records is sorted by the databases/indexes that have been searched (the ´pages of Education worldwide´ displayed first do not refer to databases, but to thematically related sites from the subject areas of ´Education worldwide´.
The number listed above the block and the overview in the right hand margin indicate the total number of matches. The option ´more results´allows you to activate more matches.
Please click onto one of the records if you wish to open a new browser window where a complete description of the data base entry will appear, including all relevant information such as the URL by which you can access the respective website. You will thereby leave the ´Education worldwide´ website.

Advanced search

Owing to the indiscriminate search quest, the simple search option may generate large numbers of matches. Please use the options provided by the Eduserver Advanced search to refine your search, and thus delimit the number of matches (s. Using the Advanced search)

Last Update: 26.06.2000  -  N. Cohen ;

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