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Eduserver newsletter [de]

DBS website with the current edition of the DBS Newsletter (only in German)

Subscribing to the DBS Newsletter.

The DBS newsletter is a free service provided by the Deutscher Bildungsserver (German Education Server) team and published bi-weekly in German. It informs you regularly of new developments on the server and the Innovation Portal and of new articles in „Bildung + Innovation“, but also about interesting links on education on the Internet.

You can use our web form in order to subscribe to our newsletter, or to unsubscribe, any time.

The current and all previous editions can be found in the archives.

Please note that the web form as well as the archives are best navigable by using the Internet Explorer.

You can contribute to the DBS newsletter by sending interesting links, or news in education, to the e-mail address: The editors check any incoming information and enter it into the newsletter when it is suitable. However, the editors are not obliged to publish any type of information they receive.

The DBS newsletter team co-operates with other publishers. For instance, a joint venture with the editors of the portal has resulted in the production of a newsletter that can be accessed via the link in the right column.

Thank you for your attention.
DBS newsletter team
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