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The association for Didactics of French as a foreign language (ASDIFLE) has been created to gather those who, in and outside France, are interested in didactics of French as a foreign language to raise awareness for the didactic in its scientific specifity. It wants to be a privileged place of encounter of teachers, researchers, [...]

international; Francophone Countries
Afides is an international association of francophone directors. It promotes friendship between peoples, mutual understanding and exchange, supports exchange of experience about school-systemic successes of francophone countries and is committed to solidarity and mutual help. It has national sectors in [...]

SICI is the organisation of national and regional inspectorates of education in Europe. It was founded in 1995 and has at this moment 25 members. SICI provides services to its member organisations and contributes to the development of education in Europe with data and analyses based on direct observation of school practices.

The INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MUSIC LIBRARIES ARCHIVES AND DOCUMENTATION CENTRES currently has about 2,000 individual and institutional members in some 45 countries throughout the world. Founded in 1951 to promote international cooperation and to support the interests of the profession, IAML is a respected member of the international library and music communities. IAML [...]

Central Europe; Eastern Europe
The Central and Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA) was founded as a result of the growth of American and International schools in Central and Eastern Europe. The primary goal of CEESA is to provide a forum for on-going communication, cooperation, and professional growth among member institutions.- The [...]

HOPE is an international NGO which brings together teachers working with children and young people with medical needs all over Europe. The main aim is to ensure that every young person with an illness receives an education that is comprehensive, of the highest quality and covers all their individual needs. Hope carries out its' work [...]

The ATEE was founded in 1976 to create a wide European network in order to foster closer liaison and co-operation between institutions for the education of teachers and those responsible for that education in Europe. The ATEE provides the vital role of a formal organisation and permanent forum for European and international contacts [...]

EFECOT is a European organization, which devotes itself to the right of appropriate education of occupational travellers. EFECOT is a European federation of parties involved in the education of the children of bargee, circus families, fairground families and seasonal workers.

EUROCLIO, acknowledged as a Non-Governmental Organisation by the Council of Europe, unites its members, the History Teachers' Associations. Nowadays (2006) EUROCLIO represents about 65.000 history teachers in more than 40 countries. The website of EUROCLIO serves as an information and communication platform with regard to publications, [...]

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