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Active organisations

European Union

The Bologna process carries out itself not within, but outside of the institution structure of the European Union, because at the Bologna process participate beyond the European Union member states a row further European countries - European Union accession states and countries without European Union ambitions. The Bologna process stands also on the political agenda of the European Union, which is a Bologna participant besides the separately participating of each member state. As a member of the Bologna follow UP group the European Union exerts a substantial influence on the development of the Bologna process.

Council of Europe

The contribution of the Council of Europe to the establishment of the European Higher Education Area, the focus on supporting the Member States in the national implementation of the Lisbon Recognition Convention, participating in the steering and policy-making mechanisms (Bologna Follow-Up Group) as well as in the official Bologna seminars (as speakers or general rapporteurs), assisting the countries have acceded to the Bologna Process recently in bi-lateral or regional cooperation, overarching issues such as the public responsibility for higher education and research, higher education governance, the social dimension of higher education and research and the values and roles of higher education and research in modern, complex societies.

European University Association [EUA]

National Unions of Students in Europe [ESIB]

European Association of Institutions in Higher Education [EURASHE]

EURASHE is fully assuming its role as the representative of professional higher education, and advocate of lifelong learning through its close involvement in a wide range of activities and initiatives by both Bologna countries and stakeholders organisations, next to organising its own events. EURASHE aims at contributing to the progressive development of the European Higher Education Area, especially through its active involvement as a consultative member, in the Bologna Follow-up Group. The ‘global dimension’ of the Bologna Process is of particular importance to EURASHE, as the association has established relationships with countries outside the EHEA.

European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education [ENQA]

European Centre for Higher Education [UNESCO-CEPES]

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