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Ariadne Pfad:


About us

Education Worldwide, the door to international educational information, is part of the family of portals edited by the ´German Education Server´. For all interested parties - researchers or practitioners - it offers fundamental information and internet resources on education. A future focus of Education Worldwide will be educational research in different countries.

The demand for educational information from all over the world has tremendously increased during the last few years. This development is due to advancements in the European integration process, the transformation processes in Central and Eastern Europe, the opportunities emerging from new information and communication technologies as well as the results of international comparisons of student achievement.

With the portal Education Worldwide the Information Center for Education makes available a collection of relevant information for all those users looking for educational innovations or international comparisons.

Your suggestions, observations or questions are welcome!

The Education Worldwide team
Last Update: 20.05.2020  -

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