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Ariadne Pfad:


2017 - Archive of Education News Worldwide

New dossier: "Education in Catalonia in the Context of the Conflict over Independence"

Ein Aquarell der Anti-Unabhängigkeits-Proteste am 08.10.2017 in Barcelona. Man sieht Menschen mit Flaggen Spaniens (mit und ohne Wappen), Kataloniens sowie der EU.
A water colour painting showing the anti independence protests in Barcelona, 08.10.17. The water colour shows people with Spanish flags (with and without emblem), Catalan ("Senyera") and EU flags. Pro independence supporters will use another version of the Catalan flag, the socalled Estelada.
Copyright: Roberto Plà Aragonés alias Fotero, La Manifestación, CC BY-NC 2.0
Education has always been a key issue when it comes to national, cultural or regional identities. The case of Catalonia exemplified this once more.  Identities are developped at an early age and school plays an important role in doing this. The question of what is taught there and in which language it is taught creates the potential for a lot of conflicts. The Catalan referendum for independence on 1 October 2017 had a low turnout, but a majority voted for independence. The referendum was considered illicit by the Spanish government, which reacted by dissolving the regional Catalan government. On Thursday, 21 December 2017, a new Catalan parlament is therefore to be elected. On this occasion, Education Worldwide provides a small insight into education in Catalonia.

The project seepro-r provides reviews and analyses of the professional education and training, occupational profiles and work settings of early childhood personnel in the context of the early childhood education and care (ECEC) systems in the states of the European Union. You will find two documents for each country:

>> a [...]

The European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens, also known as DigComp, offers a tool to improve citizen's digital competence for work and employability, learning, leisure, consumption and participation in society. The DigComp framework describes what digital competence is and groups the competences in five areas: Information and data literacy, Communication and [...]

There has been a strong focus in recent years on the promotion of citizenship education, as a result of the increasing threats to fundamental values such as peace, equality and human rights Europe is faced with, and several countries are making changes to their policies in this area. But what is citizenship education? How is it taught? How are students evaluated? Can [...]

100 years of Russian Revolution

Der Bolschewik, Gemälde von Boris Michailowitsch Kustodijew, 1920
Der Bolschewik, Gemälde von Boris Michailowitsch Kustodijew, 1920
Copyright: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons, CC0

100 years ago, the Russian February and October Revolution resulted in the overthrow of the tsar and the creation of the Soviet State (later USSR). The revolution turned into a civil war involving numerous victims. It ended with the creation of the communist Soviet Union.

The dossier linked here provides teaching material, links to interesting websites and more (only in German).

    "This report of 2017 examines whether the substance and tone of national political discourse during the first four months of the Trump administration affected U.S. public high school students." The report found that the current political climate in the USA has some negative effects on students' interaction and gives some advice on how to improve school climate again. [...]

    "In 2017, the second report in the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report series continues its assessment of progress towards the Sustainable Development Goal on education (SDG4) and its 10 targets, as well as other related education targets in the SDG agenda. It also investigates accountability in education, analyzing how all relevant stakeholders can provide education more [...]

    For a long time now, Jordan has been hosting refugees from other countries. The Syrian refugees have become the biggest refugee community during the last years. Among them, there are many school-aged children. This website documents challenges and solutions about how to organise the schooling of these children. One major solution was [...]

    Arab States; Europe; Germany
    The dictionary provides children and youths with explanations about political terms, institutions, and mechanisms in Arabic. It aims at giving children an insight into "democratic life in our society". The dictionary is also accessible in German and English (with more entries than in the Arabic version). It was [...]

    "In view of Education 2030 - Sustainable Development Goal 4 and the large movements of refugees, UNESCO seeks to draw attention to the fact that, in order to guarantee the right to education to everyone, it is critical that all refugees enjoy equal access to an education of good quality. -- This Working Paper aims to provide an overview of the international legal framework [...]

    The bulletin "Better Internet for Kids" has a focus on fake news in its June 2017 edition. The bulletin provides 11 articles, including examples from Greece and Norway, a parent and educator guide to media literacy and fake news, as well as studies and statistics on this topic. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

    German radio broadcast, available only in German.

    In 2017, the Erasmus programme is celebrating is 30th anniversary. The jubilee website provides insights into the history of Erasmus, reports of participants in the programme, a platform to discuss its future and much more. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

    German radio broadcast, available in German only.

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