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Ariadne Pfad:


2015 - Archive of Education News Worldwide

Secure the EU research budget for a future-oriented Europe


An online petition that calls upon the EU Heads of State or Governments to secure the EU research and innovation budget. Since the petition`s beginning on 23rd October 2012, more than 130,000 people signed the petition online.

"The fact based story of a class of schoolchildren, teenagers, in a, from the look of it, mixed ethnic district of Paris, who's teacher decides to enter them in a competition to examine the holocaust from the point of view of its impact on young people." French movie, original title: Les Héritiers. [Abstract: International Movie Database supplemented by editors of Education [...]

The platform Radicalisation Research "was created and funded by the Religion and Society Research Programme in 2011, itself funded by Britain’s two main grant-giving bodies for the social sciences, the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Economic and Social Research Council." Radicalisation Research provides [...]

"With their recent horrific attacks, it may seem that there is little understanding of ISIS. But universities are working with intelligence agencies to share their research on radicalisation and violent extremist groups, which is helping to inform the fight against ISIS." [Abstract: Site editor’s information]

German radio broadcast, 09.11.2015. Available only in German

German radio broadcast, 09.11.2015. Available only in German.

Short interview with Professor Sandy Taut, German researcher in education who comes from Chemnitz (town in Germany) and has worked in the U.S.A. and in Chile. Interview only available in German.

German radio broadcast as of 14.08.15. Available only in German.

In the Netherlands, students and lecturers at universities protest against the general orientation of universities. They call for a different kind of science and research, a change of the neoliberal system. To achieve this, they created two platforms: "Hervorming Nederlandse Universiteiten" (Reforming Dutch Universities) and "Science in Transition" [...]

"The latest victims of Greece’s crisis have been students and academics who have lost access to electronic journals, a vital source to continue their research and studies, due to non-payment, writes Anastasios Papapostolou for the Greek Reporter." Greek Reporter via University World News, 10.07.15

German radio broadcast (08.07.15), available only in German.

German radio braodcast (09.07.15), available only in German.

German radio broadcast as of 06 July 2015, available only in German.

"Over 40 delegations came together in Riga on 22 June at the meeting of Ministers in charge of Vocational Education and Training (VET), the European social partners and the European Commission to address workforce challenges. The first part of the meeting concluded with the endorsement of the Riga Conclusions, a declaration that sets medium-term deliverables in VET until [...]

German radio broadcast about German-Greek cooperation in research and higher education, 26.06.15. Available only in German

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