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DARE in Action: Vision and practice for democracy and human rights education in Europe Link

This book introduces some of the current practice of the members prefaced by theoretical reflections from a range of members and non-members. In addition, it provides guidance on how to develop teaching materials.
Part One begins with an article by Georg Lohmann about the mutual dependence of a democratic state system and human rights. Claudia Lohrenscheit considers how experts, scholars and practitioners are engaged in a debate about human rights education (HRE) and education for democratic citizenship (EDC). The author discusses core values of human rights in general and the human right to education in particular.
Felisa Tibbitts explores the links between education for human rights and education for democratic citizenship.
Corina Leca gives an insight into practitioners` experiences in the town of Tirgoviste, Romania, in using the Council of Europe document about quality assurance in human rights education and education for democratic citizenship. She explores what makes an effective lesson or activity, the interest of students in these two fields, and teachers` definitions of what makes a good professional in EDC and HRE. (...) The final article of part one considers the nature of an appropriate citizenship for the 21st century. Margot Brown argues the need to recognize individuals` membership of communities ranging from the local to the global. the legitimate concern of EDC and HRE practitioners. (...) Linking part one and part two is a graphic representation of the DARE network.
Part two offers a range of current projects and activities undertaken by members of DARE across Europe. This collection contains innovative and creative examples of HRE and EDC in very different and sometimes challenging cultural settings.

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