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A Cooperative Approach for Facilitating Intercultural Education Link

The diversity of Germany today has encouraged educators to examine new definitions of literacy and new teaching and learning methods and strategies. It has led to a concentrated focus on what we now describe as new literacies, critical literacy, and critical pedagogy. These kind of literacies demand that students be able to communicate competently in media forms, whether print or electronic. Students must also be able to access, comprehend, analyze, categorize, and evaluate text and hypertext. They need to understand such things as icons, images, charts, graphs, and voice and sound recordings. We have applied these concepts of new literacies to intercultural learning, which has led to new possibilities of intercultural exchange. (For example, in summer 2002, we worked with Dorothy Chun at the University of California, Santa Barbara, to conduct a virtual intercultural exchange with our students, using the CULTURA project as a model).

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USA, Austausch, Heterogenität, Kultur, Stereotyp, Studie, Universität, ABC-Modell, Diversity, interkulturelles Lernen, interkulturelle Kommunikation, interkulturelle Kompetenz,

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  1. Interkulturelles Lernen

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