Amalipe - Center for interethnic dialogue and tolerance

Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance - Amalipe - was founded at the beginning of 2002. It is an organization established in Veliko Turnovo region ((Central Bulgaria).They work mainly on: - provoking a change in the educational system through including a new subject: ´Roma folklore and culture`in the school curriculum; - advocating for real Roma participation in the policy making process (especially in the process of Roma inclusion) at national, regional and local level; - preserving and renewing Roma identity trough collecting, editing, and popularizing the best examples of Roma culture (narrative folklore, festive system, etc.) in order to stop the process of assimilation of Roma and to change the negative attitudes and stereotypes against Roma by surrounding population; - solving aching problems of local Roma communities in Veliko Turnovo region. - Empowering of Roma communities for effective inclusion in the decision making process. - promotion and advocacy for introducing of human rights approach in the development process - mainstreaming Romani women issues. You find in English information on Roma in Bulgaria, Roma folklore, Romani feasts and customs and Roma education - more in Bulgarian).



Elementarbildung; Primarstufe; Sekundarstufe I; Sekundarstufe II




Roma; Erziehung; Bildung; Schule; Fest; Tradition; Unterricht

freie Schlagwörter:

SINTI UND ROMA; interkulturelle Bildung




Englisch; Bulgarisch


Schule; fachunabhängige Bildungsthemen
Schule; fachunabhängige Bildungsthemen; Interkulturelle Bildung

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Lehrer; Schüler