Variants of an Action Oriented Learning Environment for Technical Vocational Training

Modern vocational training comprises self-directed learning as well as instructional means conducted by the teacher. Thus, situated learning processes are combined with objectivistic elements. The question however, of how the two different orientations should be combined is yet to be answered. One contribution to answer it is tried to be provided by comparing different variants of lessons in an empirical study. In four different treatments of an action oriented training the student´s written documents and the instruction by the teacher are varied. Both the written documents as well as the instruction are in one variant example-based (situated) and in the other systematic oriented (objectivistic). The results of this study should help to enlighten the question which interdependencies of the investigated characteristics in an action oriented learning environment are beneficial for an acquisition of knowledge that leads to vocational competence.


Riedl, Alfred; Geiger, Robert


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Handlungsorientierung; Berufsbildung; Lernumgebung; Handlungsorientierter Unterricht; Praxis; Poster

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Vocational Education; Handlungsorientiertes Lernen




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