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  • Conducting a Mock Trial

    In this New York Times lesson, students learn the key terms associated with the United States court system, then engage with core texts and subjects through the mock trial process (2010).

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  • Out Of The Gate

    The UK’s first online audio soap opera to target a 16-24 yr old audience. Josh, our hero, is a young offender who leaves prison determined to stay away from crime. But will the roads let him? (European Commission and British Council 2010)

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  • UK Elections 2015

    Dossier des Landesbildungsservers Baden-Württemberg (2015)

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  • Government in Britain

    Umfangreiche, lehrbuchartige Darstellung von (2012-15)

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  • How Parliament works

    Legislation etc. in the U.K., explained on the homepage of the U.K. Parliament (2009-14)

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  • BBC Parliament

    Live-Einblick in die Sitzungen des House of Commons und des House of Lords (2009)

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  • Explore Parliament (U.K.)

    Parliamentary Education Unit with links to other websites which help to explain parliament and government; details of how to use the online activities; curriculum maps which show how the online activities can be used in teaching various parts of the curriculum (U.K. Parliament Home Page 2010) .

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  • Introduction to Political Philosophy

    Lectures by Steven B. Smith (Yale) on some of the major texts and thinkers of the Western political tradition (2011).?

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  • BBC: Democracy Live

    Übertragungen und Berichte aus dem Europäischen und dem britischen Parlament: House of Commons, House of Lords, Committees etc. (2010)

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  • Democracy in Theory and Practice

    The twelve units range from concerns with electoral politics in the U.S. (partly prompted by the election year 2008), to constitutional politics and the founding, to the impact of the media (including the internet) on US democracy, to democratic politics as viewed through and influenced by literature, to the enfranchisement of marginalized groups, and specific policy issues ...

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