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  • Debating ”Stop and frisk”: Race, Rights, and Law Enforcement

    Two student readings examine the history of stop and frisk and the debate surounding this policing practice in the U.S. (Teachable Moments USA 2013)

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  • Controversial Public Policy Issues:

    In this 12th-grade Law class at a High School in Minnesota,  the teacher engages students in a structured discussion of a highly controversial issue - racial profiling - and connects student learning both to their study of due process in constitutional law and to police procedure in their study of criminal law (Annenberg 2015).

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  • NSA Surveillance & the Politics of Whistleblowing

    Edward Snowden’s leak of classified information about the NSA’s surveillance of American citizens has touched off a debate about the need for government secrecy versus the public’s right to know. Two student readings and discussion questions probe the controversy (TeachableMoment USA 2013).

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