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71 bis 80
  • International Debate Education Association

    IDEA develops, organizes and promotes debate and debate-related activities in communities throughout the world (2012).

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  • DIY laws lesson plans

    Two lesson plans that examine how laws are made and the stages they pass through to become an Act of Parliament (UK Parliament 2014).

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  • People and Parliament lesson plan

    Students learn how people become MPs and Peers, their roles and how these relate to the democratic process (UK Parliament 2014).

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  • UK Parliament

    Official website of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, with Teaching resources and lesson plans (2014)

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  • I’ll Vote for That, but Why?

    Although this unit was intended to be taught prior to the 2008 election, it can be presented at anytime.

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  • The Legislative Process: Congress at Work

    Students analyze historical records of the House and Senate to understand the sequence of steps in the legislative process (National Archives, USA 2014).

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  • Constitutional Convention

    In this lesson students create a constitution for the hypothetical country of Permistan (Annenberg Learner, USA 2014).

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  • Freedom of Religion

    In this lesson students simulate a U.S. Supreme Court hearing on a First amendment case about a Texas school district delivering prayers over the intercom (Annenberg Learner, USA 2014).

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  • COMPASS - Manual on human rights education

    In Chapter 2: 49 Practical Activities and Methods for Human Rights Education (Council of Europe 2000-2015)

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  • Privacy in the 21st Century

    Unterrichtseinheiten zum Problemkreis ”Big Brother” (Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute, USA 2000-2013)

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