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  • A Weather Webquest

    Weather can be very exciting and scary! On this website you will be answering some questions about the most common types of severe (serious)weather in the USA -- Hurricanes and Tornadoes. The web links will give you information on how hurricanes and tornadoes form, and some tips that will keep you safe in the event that you get caught in a major storm.

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  • Hurricane Webquest

    First open up the hurricane webquest. Each link will take you to where you can find the answer to the question(s). Enjoy!

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  • The Olympic Games 2012 London

    The Olympic Games of 2012 will be held from the 27 th of July until the 12th of August.Every four years the Olympic Games are organized in one of the world’s major cities. This year the host city is London, the capital of England and the UK. During the Olympic Games London will become in the centre of the world for sport. Millions of people will watch the Games on ...

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  • Welcome to the wonderful world of soccer

    This webquest is designed to introduce the sport of soccer to you with an emphasis on basic rules, skills, positions and drills that will make you more familiar with soccer both for physical education and outside recreational purposes. Inside this webquest, you will find a worksheet corresponding to our selected links that will further engrave the knowledge into your ...

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  • Thanksgiving Webquest

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  • Webquest Christmas

    Web-Unit: Christmas von Cornelsen

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