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  • Teaching Strategies

    Student-centered teaching strategies that nurture students’ literacy and critical thinking skills within a respectful classroom climate. The strategies suggested here can be used with students of all ages with any academic content (Facing History and Ourselves 2011) 

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  • 50 years after The Other America: POVERTY IN THE U.S.

    Two student readings, with discussion questions, consider the state of poverty in the U.S. (Teachable Moment USA 2012).

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  • Debating ”Stop and frisk”: Race, Rights, and Law Enforcement

    Two student readings examine the history of stop and frisk and the debate surounding this policing practice in the U.S. (Teachable Moments USA 2013)

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  • Controversial Public Policy Issues:

    In this 12th-grade Law class at a High School in Minnesota,  the teacher engages students in a structured discussion of a highly controversial issue - racial profiling - and connects student learning both to their study of due process in constitutional law and to police procedure in their study of criminal law (Annenberg 2015).

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  • Be an Energy Saver

    This bilingual lesson focuses on the scarce and nonrenewable nature of fossil fuels in order to stimulate student thinking about energy conservation (EconEd 2007).

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  • The English Theatre Frankfurt

    The English Theatre is not only the largest on the Continent, but the only one with a DRAMA CLUB for students and a T.I.E.S department. English is not only spoken on stage but also the main language of conversation behind the wings and in our office. This opens up a wide range of student activities in terms of observation, research, and active participation.

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  • Student Created Song Exercises

    There is nothing new about using songs in class. The international appeal of music can unlock interest in even the shyest and most reserved students by engaging them in a real listening medium.

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  • NSA Surveillance & the Politics of Whistleblowing

    Edward Snowden’s leak of classified information about the NSA’s surveillance of American citizens has touched off a debate about the need for government secrecy versus the public’s right to know. Two student readings and discussion questions probe the controversy (TeachableMoment USA 2013).

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