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Live video transmission of the European Centre for Modern Languages’ conference on 29 September- 1 October

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Link: http://www.ecml.at/Home/tabid/59/language/en-GB/Default.aspx

29/09/2011 - The conference which will present the results of 23 projects within the Centre’s programme ‘Empowering language professionals’ (2008-2011) will feature keynote speeches by: Anne Brasseur, Member for Luxembourg of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. “The importance of languages in the intercultural dialogue” (Thursday, 29.09, 15.30-16.30 CET); Jim Cummins, University of Toronto, Canada, “The power of pedagogy: Negotiating identities of competence in the language classroom” (Friday 30.09, 09.00-10.00 CET); Graham Fraser, Commissioner of Official Languages, Canada “Bilingualism and multilingualism from the Canadian perspective” (pre-recorded speech) (Friday 30.09, 16.30 CET); Johanna Panthier, Language Policy Division, Council of Europe, “Council of Europe work in support of languages in and for education” (Saturday, 01.10, 09.00-09.30 CET). The themes of the conference will be: Evaluation; Continuity in language learning; Content and language integrated education and Plurilingual education. Full details of the programme and of the presentations to be transmitted will be available on www.ecml.at The broadcast will be in the language of the presenter (no interpretation will be provided).

Schlagwörter: Europa; Bildung; Informelles Lernen; Lebenslanges Lernen; Innovation; education; language policy; informal learning; formal learning; lifelong learning; inovation; Europe; Sprachenpolitik; Formelles Lernen;
Fach, Sachgebiet: _Bildung weltweitÜbergreifende InformationenBildungspolitik
Autor/Kontakt: http://www.ecml.at/
Sprache: Englisch
Übergeordneter Link: http://www.ecml.at/
Datensatz aktualisiert am: 27.09.2011

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