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Early Childhood Education in Italy (2001)

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Link: http://www.oecd.org/education/school/33915831.pdf

OECD County Note (2001). ...The scope of the review covers children from birth to compulsory school age, as well as the transition to primary schooling. In order to examine thoroughly what children experience in the first years of life, the review has adopted a broad, holistic approach to study early childhood policy and provision. To that end, consideration has been given to the roles of families, communities and other environmental influences on children’s early learning and development. In particular, the review is investigating concerns about quality, access and equity with an emphasis on policy development in the following areas: regulations; staffing; programme content and implementation; family engagement and support; funding and financing. ...

Schlagwörter: Italien; Elementarbildung; Vorschulische Erziehung; Kidertagesbetreuung; Erzieherberuf; OECD;
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