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China News

  1. University World News: China
  1. Is China the new lodestar for Africa’s students? (Uni World News 07.04.17)
  2. China in Africa: empire-builders or alliance-makers? (THE 21.04.16)
  1. China ups Africa support with training, scholarships (12/15)
  1. UNESCO Science Report 2015: China
  1. China universities 'must shun Western values'
  1. China’s Higher Education Engagement with Africa: A Different Partnership and Cooperation Model?
  1. China media: University entrance exam (Gaokao) - 06.06.2014
  1. Blackboard cooperation: China’s role in educating Africa
  1. Confucius who? [China-Africa]
  1. Cooperation through education [Africa]: Bridging differences with the Chinese Government scholarship programme

Literature Search

  1. CrossAsia - Virtual Library East and Southeast Asia


  1. Section “Education“ (article on China)


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