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Established in 2004, the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy (ICCDPP) is rather a virtual network providing a forum, a virtual pinboard for all kinds of announcements and a reservoir for collecting literature, guidelines, frameworks, best practice examples, and many other documents concerning career development and guidance. All content can be [...]

The online magazine Catalan News provides news from and about the region of Catalonia in English and for an international readership. We link to articles tagged with "education". Catalan News is part of the "Agència Catalana de Notícies, ACN", the Catalan press agency, which is majority-owned by the Catalan government. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

"euro|topics - Europe\'s press comments" is a project by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education. "The services euro|topics provides are supported by a network of correspondents that stretches across Europe. They scan more than 500 newspapers, magazines and blogs in 30 countries (the EU plus Switzerland and Turkey) on a daily basis, select the most important [...]

"University World News comprises a network of some five dozen education journalists based in more than two dozen countries (...)". Access is free of charge. Besides country specific news, you will find special reports on current topics, a events calendar, commentaries and much more. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

This site is provided by the French public national television broadcaster France Télévisions. It compiles videos concerning educational issues or having an educational goal. More specifically, this sub-category offers videos on the French presidential election 2017. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

United Kingdom; Europe
Article from the British daily newspaper The Guardian as of 12 July 2016, author: Ian Sample, Science editor. Article about the negative effects the Brexit (the UK leaving the EU) already seems to have on science and research in the UK, even before an official request to leave the EU has been handed in by the UK. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

United Kingdom; Europe
The portal Science|Business tries to "bring together research, industry and policy" and does this by providing articles, reports, networks and more. The author of the Brexit article linked here, Richard L. Hudson, has been working for the "Wall Street Journal" for 25 years, six of which as an editor-in-chief of the European issue (according to Now, he is [...]

United Kingdom; Europe
The portal Science|Business tries to "bring together research, industry and policy" and does this by providing articles, reports, networks and more. Under the categorie / tag "Brexit" you will find all news, reports etc. that refer to the Brexit and its effects on science and research in the EU. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

United Kingdom; Europe; Germany
Radio broadcasts from the German radio Deutschlandradio on the issue of the Brexit and education. Available in German only. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

United Kingdom; Europe; Germany
Article by the online version of the German journal Der Spiegel, 24.06.16, authors: Armin Himmelrath and Silke Fokken. Available only in German. English abstract [courtesy translation]: "So far, for German pupils and students the UK has been the number one country for exchange. One of the reasons for that also was the easy crossing of EU bounderies. Will everything change [...]

United Kingdom; Europe
BBC article as of 17 May 2016, author: Judith Burns "UK universities could find it harder to recruit international students if the UK leaves the EU, suggests a survey." [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

United Kingdom; Europe
BBC article as of 26 February 2016, author: Pallab Ghosh. Article about the possible negative effects a Brexit (the UK leaving the EU) could have on science and research in the UK. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

United Kingdom; Europe
Article of the German radio Deutsche Welle, 25.06.2016, author: Fabian Schmidt. Available in German only. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

United Kingdom; Europe
Several articles of the online magazine Times Higher Education (THE) on the EU Referendum in the UK about whether the UK should leave the EU or not ("Brexit"). THE is otherwise known for its THE World University Ranking. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

United Kingdom; Europe
Please find a list of article from the e-journal University World News on the discussion about the Brexit, its possible effects on student exchange with the UK, on international cooperation of UK universities and more. University World News comprises a network of some five dozen education journalists based in more than two dozen countries, with representation in all regions. [...]

Israel; international
The "Research Center for Innovation in Learning Technologies" was created in 2010 and replaced the "Chais Research Center for the Integration of Technologies in Education" (2004-2010). The centre conducts research on the use of new media and technologies in higher education. The website provides some annual reports and information on events (congresses, workshops etc.). The [...]

The School of Education at the Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan has a focus on cognitive science research. Furthermore, it runs TV Studies in order to improve the education of teachers in the field of multimedia. The website also provides information on publications, theses and dissertations, staff, research, study programmes and more. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

The Austrian website for teachers provides information on copyright issues when using media in schools (esp. pictures). [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Greek Reporter is an international news portal run by Greek reporters and journalists, covering Greek and international news. The following link leads you to articles that have been tagged with the keyword "education" in Greece. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

international; United States
The Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) was founded in 2002. It conducts research in the field of OER and educational information and communication technologies, advises educational leaders and also produces OER. The website provides a lot of information on projects worldwide, for different educational areas and audiences. ISKME received [...]

Brazil; international
This website offers a very well-arranged overview over Brazilian OER projects, worldwide OER projects, legislations / legislative projects on OER in Brazil, literature and guides on OER as well as OER in the media. [Source: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Ireland; international; Asia; Europe
emcr does research in the field of computer based learning and teaching. Current projects are: * Ecasme (training needs analysis and web based applications) * Encompass (elearning Content Management for SME\'s) * Virec (University Virtual Resource Center based on a Distributed Learning Environment) * ODL NET (Open and Distance Learning Network for Exchange of [...]

The link leads you to a overview of the articles published in the French journal Le Monde about the planned educational reform under President Hollande and Minister of Education Peillon in 2012. Le Monde is considered to be one of the most influential newspapers on public opinion in France, alongside with Le Figaro.

The education radio Paraguay was started in 1998. It offers cultural and educative programs which communicate ethical, environmental and civic values and strive for the preservation of traditions. The radio has its listeners in Alto Paraná, Iguazú (Argentina) and a large part of Paraná (Brazil).

The education portal "Uruguay Educa" provides, in a broad and efficient form, an entity of pertinent, qualitative resources to the education community which correspond to the study plans of the Administración Nacional de Educación Pública (ANEP) by using the accessibility of the internet. Furthermore it serves as an access point to digital education services.

The Virtual Information Centre (CVN) was founded in 2006 to disseminate the topic `education` in the Colombian agendas and media and to motivate the different actors of the education system to contribute to this task. The CVN was an information, dissemination and communication organ of the education sector on local, regional, national and international level. In June 2010, the [...]

The Argentinian Group of Mathematics Education (GAEM) is an association of Argentinian researchers and teachers which are involved in mathematics education of every level. The first objective of the group was the creation of an independent virtual space which allows to exchange productions, research results and information in regard to didactics and education of mathematics. [...]

Dominican Republic
Educar is a space for virtual learning communities which serves as source for local education contents, tools, methodology, consultation material, recources and for virtual local and regional communities, which support persons and groups to get independent, to have a direct impact on their close vicinity and to contribute to a better future for themselves and for their [...]

The offers of the Internet portal are amongst others a search in and after libraries, journals, data bases and online literature concerning adult education, information about promotion possibilities, links to job fairs and publications of the bm:ukk. Shortly (state: 12.2010), this offer is extended by a database unique in Austria which provides different [...]

The Age is Victoria's leading broadsheet newspaper. The education section provides access to the current edition's articles on educational topics. Older editions can be searched. Editions from up to eight days ago are accessible for free, but a charge applies to view the full text of older articles.

United Kingdom
BBC News on education and family in the UK.

This list of links compiled by China Internet Information Center leads to full texts on the milestones of the development of open and distance education in China covering the following contents: function and tasks of China Central Radio and Television University (CCRTVU) in the educational process; the role of the World Bank to build an Online Center in Guizhou; various [...]

United Kingdom
"BESA has over 260 members which include manufacturers and distributors of equipment, materials, books, consumables, furniture, technology, ICT hardware and digital content - all to the education market."

Scotland; United Kingdom
Eudcation programmes on BBC Scotland plus online education materials for pree-school, primary and secondary education, teachers and parents.

United Kingdom
Education programmes on Channel 4 plus online resources for learners of all ages.

Wales; United Kingdom
Education programmes on BBC Wales plus online materials for pre- school, primary, secondary and lifelong learning as well as resources for teachers and parents.

The Industrie-Education Partnership aims to help policy-makers and educators achieve sustainable use of new technologies and digital media to benefit learning for all. This website informs about the activities of the Partnership and the extension of the web/email based Innovations Service in 2003/2004, which attracts particular attention due to its high quality.

New Zealand
NZRA consists of regional councils which encourage membership of teachers, parents, and literacy educators. The purpose of the NZRA is to encourage literacy learning and reserach in literacy education.

The European Institute for the Media (EIM), based in Düsseldorf and Paris, is a think tank for research and strategy concerning developments in European media and communications, including learning strategies. This website provides information on main areas of research and offers links to the buttons: communication policies; digital world; media and democracy; debate and [...]

Latin America; Argentina; Brazil; Chile; Ecuador; El Salvador; Guatemala; Guyana; Colombia; Mexico; Peru; Venezuela
The homepage first presents links to international resources of literature, institutions, media, networks, reference books and other directories. Then, arranged according to the countries, links are provided to individual schools and other school-related institutions as well as to international resources which are relevant for schooling.

The Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET) is a constituent unit of the National Council of Educational Research and Training ( NCERT), an autonomous organisation under the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India. Established in 1984 with the merger of the Centre of Educational Technology and Department of Teaching Aids, its chief aim is to [...]

The purpose of JAPET is to contribute to the promotion of education through its activity based on educational technology. Survey and study for improvement of education is the core part of its activity. JAPET is also involved in spreading the results obtained by such survey and study to practical scenes of teaching and learning not only in classrooms but also in various phases [...]

EMRC produces audio-visual programmes for the education sector. Its primary aim is to bridge the gap between cities and villages through television programmes. The complete catalogue is available for download.

United Kingdom
The website offers information about the BBC's educational programme, interactive language courses and a large number of online resources for schools and further education.

Amal 1 is a network of more than 128 educational institutions engaged in the advancement of comprehensive and technological education for youth and adults. Located throughout Israel, Amal 1´s schools can be found in Jewish, Druze, Bedouin and Arab communities. The establishment of Amalnet, a computerized communications network encompassing Amal schools, students, teachers, [...]

SET-BC - Special Education Technology-British Columbia is a provincial Resource program of the BC Ministry of Education established to assist school districts to educate students with disabilities.The Provincial Resource Team, located at the Provincial Centre are responsible for administrative and support services for the provincial program. These services are structured [...]

The Centre is under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and associated with the CNDP; it was founded in 1983. Its mission is to promote, especially by means of training activities, multiple use of news media in teaching. The following activities are described: Liaison between teachers and news professionals, training, documentation of materials about "media and the [...]

United States
The IMS project was formed as a catalyst for the development of a substantial body of instructional software, the creation of an online infrastructure for managing access to learning materials and environments, the facilitation of collaborative and authentic learning activities, and the certification of acquired skills and knowledge.

Linklist of Greek government in English - the Education Ministry is included and has been separately entered in this database.

United Kingdom
"A centre of international excellence, for the teaching research and development of technology in the service of student learning. We work in collaboration with Open University Faculty and Regional Colleagues. For Practitioners worldwide we offer: Professional development in educational technology, Postgraduate qualifications in open & distance education, International centre [...]

Canopé, formerly "Centre National de Documentation Pédagogique (CNDP)", is the national French information and documentation network for teachers to help them with their daily classroom practice. The website provides mainly (official) texts about various practical issues in the 3 school levels, information about teaching aids and material, products and catalogues of [...]

United Kingdom
The site offers a database of current TV programmes of Channel 4 for pupils, online resources to the programmes for teachers to download, an interactive science section, a forum for discussion, educational CD- ROMs and materials for the deaf and hearing impaired.

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