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LeaCoMM - Professionelle Lerngemeinschaft Migration und Minderheiten: Plattform für Lehrpersonen und Lehrende in der Lehrerbildung Link


"...[T]he LeaCoMM-Project aims to offer tools for teachers, teacher educators and members of school administration [with regard to] professionalization in the area of migration, minorities and school. (...) LeaCoMM is mainly concerned with:

* language education and use of multilingualism, * design of school and lessons with a critical attitude towards racial matters * intercultural / international perspectives on lesson contents, * diversity management in schools and school administration, * teacher education."

LeaCoMM is a EU project with partners in six countries (Germany, Ireland, Greece, Slovenia, Turkey, Lithuania). [Abstract: Site editor’s information supplemented by editors of Education Worldwide]

Record-ID: 8660
URL (original):
Title (English): LeaCoMM - Learning Community Migration and Minorities: Platform for teachers and teacher Educators
URL (English):
Resource type: Database/Portal/Network/Search Engine
Keywords from index: teacher education; educational materials; migration; minority group; language teaching; multilingualism; heterogeneity; intercultural education; educational media;
Language: German; English; Greek; Turkish; Slovene; Lithuanian
Source / author of the website: LeaCoMM - Learning Community Migration and Minorities: Platform for teachers and teacher Educators; Soros International House <Vilnius>
Country of origin of the resource: Lithuania; Germany; Ireland; Greece; Turkey; Slovenia; Europe;
Release date: 05.04.2016
Update: 11.04.2016
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