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Educação - Sistema educacional Link


The official website of the Brazilian government provides a good overview over the Brazilian educational system, including links to further information. Content:
- Educação básica
- Educação infantil – Creche
- Educação infantil – Pré-escola
- Ensino fundamental
- Ensino médio
- Ensino superior
- Ensino técnico
- Educação no campo
- Educação quilombola
- Cursos sequenciais
- Educação a distância
- Educação indígena
- Supletivo
- Programas e ações
[Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide supplemented by site editor’s information]

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External remarks : CAUTION: The link offered here leads you to the webarchive and is a copy of the website as of August 2013. The original website is not accessible at the moment.
Resource type: Overview
Keywords from index: early childhood education and care; nursery school; primary education; secondary education; technical education; distance study; distance education; higher education; vocational education; school system; education system;
Free keywords: frühkindliche Bildung; indigene Bevölkerung;
Language: Portuguese
Source / author of the website: Brasilien / Bildungsministerium
Country of origin of the resource: Brazil;
Release date: 18.09.2013
Update: 18.11.2013
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