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Education Systems International

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Country Dossiers: Brazil - International Bureau of Education (Unesco) Link


Through its Country Dossiers, the International Bureau of Education (IBE) of the Unesco offers access to various information resources on education in its Member States. This compilation of facts and data from various sources will permit users to gain rapid access to information on each country`s state of education and plans for development, and provide insights into educational trends in a global perspective. Each dossier includes the following information - as far as they are available: 1. Profiles - Description of the main characteristics of the organization and functioning of the education systems, 2. Reports - Reports presented by UNESCO Member States at various international and regional meetings, 3. Educational innovations - Descriptions of innovative projects in the areas of content and methods of education at the primary and secondary levels, particularly within the formal system, monographs, 4. Official documents - Full- text official documents on educational and curricular policies, 5. Selected bibliography - A selected bibliography compiled from the IBE database IBEDOCS, 6. Links - Links to governmental and institutional websites. Plase note that the information provided is not equally complete and comprehensive for all countries. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

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